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Yee Hwa Restaurant: Doha, Qatar (2013)

At Doha, Qatar? Try Yee Hwa.

It was December 2013 when LJ and me went to Doha, Qatar to spend Christmas with our awesome parents. The plane ride was long, the weather was cold – but the sights and the experience to be with your loving family?


This includes all the food that we tasted, of course! One amazing restaurant that we ate in was Yee Hwa (Korean and Japanese cuisine). The place is near the apartment of our parents so we only had to walk to get to the place.

Yee Hwa Restaurant: Doha, Qatar (Food Review)

It was dinner when we went there, as you can see in LJ’s picture with the restaurant’s signage.

Upon entering the establishment, we saw that there were already a lot of customers. It was already half-full. Good thing there were still seats!

Yee Hwa Restaurant: Doha, Qatar (Food Review)
Thee Yee Hwa Restaurant in Doha has a menu that is jam-packed with a lot of famous Japanese and Korean dishes. If only I could order all the dishes…

Here’s a picture of us as we were about to eat. We were with Ate Annabelle, Kuya Dino and their super cute daughters!

Yee Hwa Restaurant: Doha, Qatar (Food Review)

The first dish that we had was Japchae. It’s a Korean dish made from sweet potato noodles, stir fried in sesame oil with vegetables. It also had tiny pieces of beef. I love this dish. It’s such a Korean comfort food for me. The springiness of the noodles were delectable, and the vegetables? Still crunchy – cooked but not too cooked, you know?

Yee Hwa Restaurant: Doha, Qatar (Food Review)
Here’s Yee Hwa Restaurant’s version of Kimchi-guk. It’s simply means Kimchi Soup! This one has seafood in it. Even though I was not a huge fan of kimchi at that time, I still tried this dish. Never waste food, right?

It was yummy. It’s the kind of soup that you’d want to eat while it’s raining. (Just make sure to have ice-cold tea drinks with you. It’s got a kick!)

Yee Hwa Restaurant: Doha, Qatar (Food Review)

I present to you, one of Yee Hwa’s Sushi Platter. I think we only got a small version, though. This one had three rolls in it, one is California Roll, and the other two? I’d ask Yee Hwa’s management to provide me their names as I already forgot.

I couldn’t forget their taste, though. It was memorable. Creamy, crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness! I swear, get this one. If you’d like, just take a screenshot of this picture and show it to your server. You have to get this. It was my favorite dish of the night.

Yee Hwa Restaurant: Doha, Qatar (Food Review)
LJ always orders noodles at Japanese restaurants. He got a Tempura Ramen from Yee Hwa. This one had udon in it. Yum!
Yee Hwa Restaurant: Doha, Qatar (Food Review)

Do we look like we’re enjoying our meal?

Of course we were!

(Personally I was! It’s Papa’s treat. 😉

Yee Hwa Restaurant: Doha, Qatar (Food Review)
Would I come back to Yee Hwa Restaurant in Doha, Qatar?

Well, if we’re returning to Qatar, I definitely will. This time, I’ll make it my treat.

For the meantime, I hope Yee Hwa also opens a branch here in Manila too. When that time comes, I hope they invite me as one of their guest bloggers. I’d be honored to try them out once again.


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