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3 Steps to Pay BIR via GCash: How I Paid BIR 0605 Online [2023]

Do you want to know how to pay BIR via GCash?

For self-employed professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs, it’s important to file and pay your annual registration fee at BIR. But it can be time-consuming, especially if you have to fall in line for a long time.

In this GCash BIR payment review, we show you how to pay your BIR form 0605 for annual registration fee online.

What is Annual Registration Fee?

Annual Registration Fee is a required fee that self-employed taxpayers and entrepreneurs need to file and pay yearly with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in the Philippines.

What is BIR Form 0605?

Also called the Payment Form, BIR form 0605 is what taxpayers fill out and file whenever they need to pay for registration fees, renewal payments and even tax penalties.

For more info, you can check out this detailed post on how to fill out BIR form 0605 for annual registration.

How to Pay BIR via GCash

Once you’ve filled out and filed your BIR form 0605 online using eBIRForms, the final step is to pay your annual registration fee through GCash.

Here’s how to do Gcash BIR payment online.

1. Log into your GCash account

Make sure it’s an active GCash account with enough balance.

To give you an idea, annual registration fee costs ₱500 so that’s what you need to have in your balance. If you need to, you can top up your existing GCash money with balance from your digital bank first.

To get started, click on Bills > Government like this:

pay bir via gcash

2. Choose BIR as biller and fill out your tax details

To pay your annual registration fee via GCash, we recommend that you pay at least one week before January 31, since the posting period is within 3 days. It’s not real-time payment, like paying EasyTrip via Gcash.

Next, make sure to press BIR so it’s the merchant that you’ll be paying.

gcash bir payment return period

Input 500, since annual registration fee costs ₱500.

For the form series, choose 0600 (payment form) then select form number 0605.

The tax type is RF which stands for Registration Fee.

For the GCash BIR payment return period, you can put 123123 which means December 31, 2023. Of course, you’ll need to change the year depending on when you filed the annual registration form.

gcash bir payment branch code

Don’t know what to put for Branch Code when you’re doing GCash BIR payment? Simply enter 00000 as Tax Payer’s Branch Code.

Remember to put your email address so you can receive payment confirmation from GCash. Then, click on Next.

3. Confirm and pay your BIR form 0605 online

Finally, press Confirm to finalize your annual registration fee to BIR.

After you’ve done this, GCash will show you a “payment received” page that you need to screenshot and save so you have proof of payment whenever you need it.

And that’s it! We hope this post helped you learn how to pay BIR via Gcash easily and quickly.

Are you a freelancer? You can see this next post on how to register at BIR as a self-employed professional.

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