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Don’t Keep People Waiting: The Wise Living Habit

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In life, we definitely make a lot of commitments regarding meeting with people.

It may be an official business meeting, a friendly meet-up, a romantic date or an educational get-together – it doesn’t really matter wherever the setting is!

The important part here is whatever you’ll do, whoever you’ll meet and wherever you’ll go, always remind yourself this: don’t keep people waiting.


don't keep people waiting the wise living
Remember: Don’t do unto others…

What Message are You Implying?

A lot of people consider time as a part of their wealth. It is precious and valuable. Also, it is spent only on the things we care about and the people we love. Therefore, asking someone to meet up with you means you’re also asking them to spend their wealth on you.

And frankly, would you like it if people wasted the wealth that you’ve given them?

This is exactly what happens when you keep people waiting for you. The implication of this is “You can wait for me because my time is more important than yours.” This message comes off as disrespectful to the person waiting for you – do you really think your time is better than theirs?

But I’m Paying Them!

You might reason out that you’re paying your employees well, so even if you’re late to a meeting, it’s excused. After all, you’re giving them money!

This is where a lot of controversy arises: you’re actually paying people for their output, not necessarily for their time.

Consider this: would you pay someone just to wait for you and just to laze around the office all day…

…or would you pay someone because his output is efficiently produced and because his skills and attitude are beneficial to the company?

The point here is that yes, you’re paying people for the work they produce, not necessarily for the time they wait for you, so the common courtesy of respecting an individual’s time and keeping them from waiting still stands.

Valid Exceptions

Maybe some things that are beyond are control will happen, therefore preventing us from being on time. An urgent life-or-death situation, an unfortunate accident or a natural disaster may occur.

Truthfully, however, being on time is actually achievable within our means. Maybe if we just woke up earlier, planned the event before, anticipated traffic, left our house ahead of time or made an agenda for the meeting, we would have been on time.

Stress for You and for Your Companion

As much as a lot of people don’t like to admit this, deep down, we’re all aware that no one likes to be kept waiting. Go and think back to a previous meeting where you were late – what did you feel when you knew you were late? Of course you felt stressed! You’re hurrying, you’re scrambling and you’re frustrated.

This doesn’t really do well on your companion, too. Did you know that some people actually feel offended when you’re late? People might not take you seriously and they might think you’re being disrespectful. The worst effect is they themselves might also be late for your next appointment with them.

My friend, do yourselves and your companion a favor, don’t keep them waiting.

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  1. Hi and thanks for visiting TWL again. 🙂

    Indeed! It's unfortunate that sometimes, though, people don't care about their time so they extend the same attitude to others.

    God bless you!

  2. Hi, Lianne! I couldn't have said it better. You are so right! It is also our God-given responsibility to be good stewards of all the wealth and resources that were given to us, and you're right, including TIME. Time is wealth. 🙂

  3. Hi, Myla! Thanks a lot for visiting The Wise Living. 😉

    And I'm so pleased we share the same sentiment. As they say, the best present is presence – or in this case, prompt presence. 🙂

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