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Using My Laking National Card

Is National Bookstore‘s Laking National Card a good idea for you to apply for?

Everywhere I go, it seems like institutions and stores strive to offer loyalty/reward cards so that they will be able to maintain their target market. Such a clever idea, isn’t it? This works, I think, because this act makes the customers feel special and privileged.

Personally, I got the Laking National card of National Bookstore because I frequent that shop often. You can also get it for just a membership fee of P100.00 or P60.00 for students. You can also have it free just by giving a receipt worth P5,000.00 for a period of one year. Seriously, though, just save yourself the trouble and pay for it instead.

laking national national bookstore card
This is my Laking National card.

The point system works like this.

When purchasing:

  • P1,000 = 1000 points!
When buying:
  • 1000 points = P10

So, when I buy P1000-worth of National Bookstore products, it’s like I get a rebate of P10 loaded into my card. Pretty nifty, right? Considering that my family and friends use my card, I’m willing to say that it’s a nice deal.

Yesterday, I used my E-purse for the first time! The items I bought were:
– 10 pieces of sticker paper,
– 1 crossword puzzle; and,
– one green plastic envelope.

These products amounted to roughly P70.00!

I used my E-purse and I didn’t even need to pay a single centavo. It was awesome!

Have you used your Laking National card yet?

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4 thoughts on “Using My Laking National Card”

  1. Wow, that is nice .. I don't have one but maybe i will get one kasi my daughter is studying na so mapapadalas sa bookstore =)

    I will add your link in my blogroll, hope you do the same, thanks.

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