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Top 5 Positive Money Beliefs to Help You Sleep Better at Night

Adapt these five stress-busting money beliefs in your mindset and watch your financial stress go down. 

Money isn’t supposed to be related to stress at all! You don’t need to have high amounts of money to lower your stress and you certainly don’t need to spend lots of money to have a better stress level. 

Top 5 Positive Money Beliefs
Control your thoughts about money.

You only need to train your mindset to work with you.  

Although “having enough bank savings” isn’t really an indication of financial freedom, I believe that the real freedom lies in our beliefs about money, you know? 

Once we start to think of money as something valuable and priceless, everything suddenly seems stressful and out of our control. But once we start thinking of money as simply a tool, everything shifts and we start appreciating simplicity and minimalism. 

So come on, go on a relaxing ride with me. Let’s start thinking of positive money beliefs. After all, it’s the thought that counts! 

Top 5 Positive Money Beliefs: 

1. “I have the ability to earn money.”

All of us are born with talents. I sincerely believe that. (Mike in Monsters University isn’t a good Scarer but hey, he’s a wonderful Coach!) There is no such thing as an untalented person, or monster. 

Therefore, when it comes to earning money, we really do have the ability to earn it. What differs is our desire and belief to earn it. Yes, you may say that you want to earn money, but if you’re not putting the effort to do so, it’s still your responsibility. You have to desire, believe and actually work. 

2. “I am worthy of being abundant.” 

God loves to bless you. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. It really sounds like a cliche, but I’m sure that whenever a door closes, another one opens for you. 

However, if a door closes and you don’t see any other door opening, build a door yourself and open it for you. You have the ability, remember? 

3. “The sum of all my money does not define me as a person.”

Money is worthless if it doesn’t fulfill a meaning. In my book, someone earning P20,000 a month and giving back to charity is worth more than someone earning P200,000 a month and keeping everything to himself.

Just saying. 

4. “I decide to focus my energy on things that really matter to me. This means letting go of negative things in my life, even if they can bring more money.” 

Oh, man. Life is too short to focus your energy and resources into something that physically and mentally drains you. Learn to let go of toxic things in your life – yes, even if these things can give you a lot of money. The stress, the frustration, the anxiety and the pain aren’t worth it. 

Let go and focus your energy on things that really matter to you. You are here to make a positive difference in someone else’s life; not to die a miserable and pathetic death. 

At the end of the day, money is money. It can be earned, it can be spent, it can be saved, it can be invested and it can be given away. You can earn money by doing something you love and you can also earn money by doing something you hate: which would you rather do?

5. “There is no limit as to how much I can earn.” 

You are a talented, responsible and capable person. You have the power to dictate what you earn, provided that you back it up with expertise and knowledge. 

And no, don’t also be fooled into thinking that just because you’re young, you should earn low. No. Way. 

If you’re good enough, you’re old enough. 

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