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Top 10 Influential Filipino Finance Blogs & Websites You Need To Check Out Today

Have you heard of these Filipino financial blogs before?

These past two days, I was extremely privileged to attend two events: #SINAG Awards at Manila Polo Club and Registered Financial Planner (RFP) Thanksgiving Dinner at Shangri-la Hotel in EDSA. These were both humbling experiences and I felt fortunate that I was able to take part in it.

Top 10 Influential Filipino Finance Blogs You Should Check Out

During these times:
– 70% of my thoughts were ‘Am I really here? Wow.’
– 20% were thinking ‘I should ask for their autograph…’
– and 10% were thinking ‘Should I go back to the buffet? I don’t want to waste food!’ 🙂

Imagine your celebrity idol: Brad Pitt, Daniel Padilla, Jackie Chan or One Direction?

Now, imagine the awe that you’d feel if ever you were to meet them personally? Super starstruck, right?

That’s exactly how I felt when I was in both of these events – the owners of the personal finance blogs that I’m idolizing were actually there! I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed and speechless.

Which personal finance blogs and websites influenced me to finally take on the challenge to be financially free? Here are ten of them.

This list is not ranked.

1. Randell Tiongson’s blog

I first met Sir Randell back in 2011 when he had a short talk sponsored by CBTL. Three years later, he’s still passionate about educating Filipinos on financial management (and his young face hasn’t changed!)

As a Registered Financial Planner who has decades of financial planning and money management experience under his belt, Sir Randell writes about personal finance in an informative and straight-to-the-point manner.

His messages are generally all meat, with no filler, so you can dedicate a day or two in browsing his blog, and it still wouldn’t be enough! After all, his profile is impressive.

2. Fitz Villafuerte’s Ready to be Rich

Seriously, who here doesn’t know Kuya Fitz? Whenever the issue of financial blogs come up, I’m sure he’s always in the list!

Top 10 Influential Filipino Finance Blogs You Should Check Out

And this honor is well-deserved, of course. Aside from money management, he also writes about his greatest advocacy – entrepreneurship – and freelancing. Personally, though, my favorite type of content from his blog? His personal productivity articles.

With his blog, Ready to be Rich (since 2007!) producing relatable, timely and inspiring content, it’s no wonder why his audience just keeps on growing with each passing day.

3. Garry De Castro’s Financial Planning Philippines

My interest in growing money started when I was 17 years old. Why?

Well, my parents told me they’d give me a nice graduation gift and being the intuitive person that I am, I found out that they’d give me cash. It was then that I asked myself:

“If I put that cash in the bank, it’d just lose its value! What do I do with it, then? Where do I put it? Surely those millionaires don’t grow rich just by getting time deposits?”

With that curiosity, I eventually emailed a lot of financial blogs and asked them what I should do with my money. Out of all the 15 I emailed, only Sir Bo and Sir Garry replied to me.

And I was touched. He spared me a few minutes of his time just so he could answer my burning question!

Now, Sir Garry patiently answers my questions everyday as my unit manager in Sun Life. 🙂

4. Alvin Tabanag’s Pinoy Smart Savers Academy

One of my favorite authors, Sir Alvin’s website is geared towards aspiring Filipino investors who have no idea yet about how to make their money work for them.

Top 10 Influential Filipino Finance Blogs & Websites You Need To Check Out Today

Sir Alvin’s articles are like Pacquiao’s punches: quick and direct – and if you don’t take them to heart, they can knock you out. If you want a conversational read that can encourage you to take action, head on over to his website.

5. MoneySense Magazine Philippines

MoneySense Magazine Philippines is both an online and offline resource for you to manage your finances. What I love about this is that their content is not just limited to investing, saving and budgeting.

They also inspire you with their entrepreneurship articles – after all, financial freedom means having control of your life. And what spells out control more than being your own boss, right?

6. Marvin Germo’s blog

If stocks analysis is more up your alley, there’s no better blog to learn from than from the Stocks Smarts King himself, Sir Marvin. (Instagram King works, too?)

As an investor with more than six years experience in the Philippine financial industry, Sir Marvin has made a name for himself by talking about how stocks investing for beginners and for intermediate investors alike.

Top 10 Influential Filipino Finance Blogs & Websites You Need To Check Out Today

Don’t like long and wordy content? Recently, you can also read his latest “Fast Five” articles for your daily knowledge fix.

7. Rose Fres Fausto’s FQ Mom

Who says finance is just for RFPs, financial advisors and bankers? It’s for everyone. And by everyone, naturally, I mean that finance is also suited for the greatest profession there is: for mothers. Like most mothers, Ms. Rose believes that raising their children well is the greatest service that parents can offer to God.

And it makes sense for her to produce a website on a mom’s money management adventure!

Top 10 Influential Filipino Finance Blogs & Websites You Need To Check Out Today

Think about it: our mothers are often the ones responsible for budgeting the money for every household; for making sure that we can still eat and live a fruitful life without spending more; and for always reminding us to save a portion of what we earn for future use.

(READ: Top Three Money Lessons from Mother)

8. Burn Gutierrez’s blog

Is your acquaintance suddenly messaging you and inviting you for a cup of coffee so you can “catch up”? Or are you interested in investing in something but you’re not yet sure if it’s legitimate or not?

Or what if you’re an OFW who’s into investing and money management – where should you look for resources?

Look no further: Sir Burn’s blog is just within your reach. As a coach for young and new investors alike, Sir Burn also leads a financial education mission called Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy.

9. Bo Sanchez’s newsletter on money

If you’re into funny, light yet soul-packed articles, Bro. Bo’s newsletters on money will make you cry, laugh and gasp – all at the same time.

Truly, he makes finance simple and easy to be understood. Because of the content that Bro. Bo has produced, more and more people are finally understanding that personal finance is basically a matter of defining your financial goals, destroying your distractions and disciplining yourself to achieve them.

Tyrone Solee’s Millionaire Acts
Jill Sabitsana’s Frugal Honey

Tyrone and (ate) Jill are two personal finance bloggers who I give my respect to. They’re both in their late 20’s, I believe, and they’re both personal finance enthusiasts who believe in posting beginner-friendly, conversational yet insightful content on money management.

Because of them, the stereotype that finance is just for men in suits is utterly given a makeover.

These two bloggers are able to interact and touch lives by sharing their knowledge about investing and saving up. The best part about this is – they’re not based in the US! They’re actually Filipinos who are exposed to the same environment as us; yet, they still find ways to inspire others to work on their finance, regardless of the current political scandal or the latest entertainment “news”.

So there you have it – this is my list of Filipino blogs and websites that you should definitely click on now.

How about you? I’d love to hear your comments below. 🙂


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