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Super Bowl of China at Glorietta 4, Makati (Food Review)

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Super Bowl of China in Glorietta 4 was a wonderful establishment that we loved. It was
September 03, 2011, a lovely Saturday, when we decided to go outside to eat. At first, my family and I wanted to eat at a buffet and then go grocery-shopping. However, when we saw Super Bowl of China, we decided to skip the buffet and go dining Chinese-style.

superbowl of china glorietta 4
Nice decor, don’t you think so?

I remembered going there at around 5 in the afternoon. We went out late because we chatted with papa first. He was supposed to participate in a Bowling competition! How awesome was that!
Anyway, we were immediately attended to by the staff. They were all courteous and I loved the fact that they smiled a lot. When we were seated, Mark, our food server, explained the menu and even told us their promo which was 50% off on Birthday Noodles. Also, we were served with crackers first.

superbowl of china glorietta 4
No, they’re not part of the menu! This is my lovely family (Papa’s overseas right now).
We ordered their Super Bowl Combination Platter (Php 395.00) It had pork siomai, deep fried wanton, BBQ pork asado, roast chicken, sliced cuttlefish cold cuts, jellyfish with century egg and pickled vegetables.

superbowl of china glorietta 4
Super Bowl Combination Platter (Php 395.00)
Woah, it was a big serving indeed. Mama and I laughed when we tasted the cold cuts. I wasn’t able to take notice of the fact that they were cold. It was a generous size and the sweet and sour deep complemented the flavors. We had our left-overs for take-out. We couldn’t possibly finish it!

Next was the Braised Tofu with Mushroom (Php 220.00).

Braised Tofu with Mushroom (Php 220.00)
I am a mushroom fan and so I guess it goes without saying that I adored this dish! I don’t like tofu but this dish made me want to eat it more and more. Even my little brother who hates vegetables with a blazing passion loved the dish.

Of course, the noodles!

Top: Crispy Noodles with Assorted Seafood (Php 250.00)
Bottom: Wanton and Beef Brisket Tendon Noodle Soup (Php 220.00)
Crispy noodles are amazing. They’re tender and chewy whenever we mix them. The ingredients like cuttlefish, boneless fish fillet, shrimp, mixed vegetables and mixed mushrooms complement each other so much. I thought this dish lacked mushrooms, though. Just a humble opinion. As for the noodle soup, it was awesome as always. It reminded me of North Park’s Beef Brisket Noodle Soup as well. I might sound biased but I think this dish would be tastier if it had mushrooms as well? 🙂

The last dish was a Plain Congee with Century Egg (Php 130.00)

Plain Congee with Century Egg (Php 130.00)

I guess I’m just not used to the taste of plain porridge because I like mine salty. I know, it’s bad for the health… I’ll change next time, then. The century eggs were delicious! I’ve always loved eating them.

Overall, it was a great experience! I think there’s a possibility that we might return to eat here soon enough as a lot of menu choices are palatable to the eyes. I love Chinese food as well, so we are definitely fans!

Stay healthy always, people! And don’t forget to pray before meals. 🙂

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  1. Wow that's a lot of food! I'm starving! HAHA!

    BTW, about your question… I'm 21 years old. It's odd actually because your the first blogger who asked me that. LOL! And as I'm typing this, I'm smiling. 🙂 hehe… Anyway, thanks for dropping. 🙂 *wink*

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