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Sun Life Award: Thank YOU So Much!

I dedicate this award to all my amazing, inspiring and happy clients. 🙂

Getting this Gold Award last President’s Month is something I’ve always dreamed about, and last President’s Month contest month, it’s something that I’ve finally been able to achieve.

To you, my satisfied client, I dedicate this award to you.

When I was asked by my colleague, “What drives you, Lianne? You’re one of the youngest (if not, the youngest) advisor in our Sun Life branch? And yet you always promise to serve your clients full-time?”

“What’s your inspiration?”

It always goes back to my grandfather, Tatang, who passed away simply because we weren’t prepared enough.

I don’t want the same tragedy to befall my Pinoy clients.

To the OFW father who’s always home-sick yet always makes it a point to invest 10% of his salary for life insurance, I dedicate this award to you, sir. Your family is well taken care of, in case anything happens to you.

To the hardworking single mother who invests and insures herself instead of going to mall sales every payday, you’re the reason why I do what I do, ma’am. Your baby is going to enter your dream college in the future because you’re preparing today.

To the restless young Pinoy millenial who insures himself because he’ll have his own family in the future and because it’s cheaper when he’s younger, thank you for trusting me to take care of you over the next few years. Your future spouse and your future children are lucky to have you.

To all my clients – businessmen, doctors, nurses, engineers, architects, students, accountants, executives – THANK YOU.

You all give me hope that we Filipinos are all going to be financially free in the future.

Continue putting in towards your emergency fund – just in case.

Continue insuring yourself – life will always have risks (untimely death and illness).

Continue investing for the future – you will always have financial goals.

Thank you for the trust.

Thank you for the referrals.

As always, please let me know how I can help you more. 🙂


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