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Start Something with Yeng Remulla: 7 Basic Tips

Start Something Workshop is an enriching event for aspiring entrepreneurs. Its main speaker is no other than Mr. Yeng Remulla, a serial entrepreneur and also the author of the book with the same title.

Sir Yeng has been known to deliver witty, inspiring and to-the-point tips in entrepreneurship. This is why when he invited me over, I was very much privileged (and nervous!). Imagine meeting one of your favorite celebrities – this is what I felt like since I consider my favorite authors as head-banging rock stars!

Start Something with Yeng Remulla:
Thank God Sir Yeng was approachable and nice in person! I didn’t even feel that awkward talking to him as he was open and willing to share his sentiments. He’s like an older brother since he’s way too young (he’s 33!) to be a father figure.

Start Something with Yeng Remulla
He’s the one standing, in case you have poor eyes…
The Start Something Entrepreneur Start-Up Workshop is targeted to aspiring entrepreneurs who need guidance and a little bit of push in starting their own businesses and hopefully inspiring lives along the process. The fact that Start Learning PH conducts regular intimate workshops is wonderful – you really get to talk to like-minded people.

Here are 7 Teasers to You Can Learn in the Start Something Workshop:

1. “You’re good at something.”

It’s amazing that he started with this concept. It reminds me of this article I wrote about money beliefs. It seems like being able to succeed in entrepreneurship and in personal finance means that you should really work on your mindset, don’t you think so?

My friend, you’re good – maybe even great – at something! Don’t let negativity bring your motivation down.
2. “Find your exciting mission in life.”

We are all here to serve a purpose using our passion. Most of the time, you can use your passion to pursue your purpose in life.

You can even set a foundation of your entrepreneurial venture by discovering why you exist today.

Put up a business you’re excited about to help change lives for the better.

3. “Work can be a mix of your personality and professionalism.”

I love writing – I have fun doing it and I make money from it professionally.

Who says you have to suffer to earn income? Not me! The belief that work should be separated from play seems weird to me. You’re stuck with your job/business for around 70% every day!

Why should you be miserable for 70% of your life?

4. “Find your right F.I.T.”

Start something. Start this something that gives you the greatest:
F – Fulfillment

This something should have the ability to give you the best:
I – Income
And this something should always make use of your:
T – Talent

How can you create value for someone?
5. “Be remarkable.”

Be so good that people can’t ignore you. The Start Something book by Sir Yeng is a great example. It’s perfectly remarkable!

Be unique.

Be positively controversial.

Be you. Believe.

We look like…siblings!

6. “Innovate the existing.”

In today’s world, not everything is original. Successful ventures are innovated versions of something. As long as you can find a problem and develop a working solution to meet that problem, you have a good shot of succeeding!

7. “Position your brand.”

Have that “something” that’s different from the others. Position your brand in a way that it differentiates you from your competitors. Brand your business the way you think. Brand the way you act. Brand the way you exist!

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