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Start Getting the Life You Want: 5 Things to Do Right Now

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Most of us live our life doing monotonous tasks that don’t excite us. We work, we go out with friends and we interact with our family. And then we repeat the same cycle over and over again.

We wake up with day caring about short-term goals while not really paying attention to our life purpose.

We lack passion.

Time goes by and before we know it, we’re fifty-year old individuals nearing retirement. We go back to our past and regret that the life we lived was not the life we wanted.

This is such a scary thought, isn’t it? How can we prevent this from happening?

Listen up – if you want to get the life you want, take necessary steps to achieve it. Sitting around and doing nothing will do you no good.

Where do we start? The Wise Living will show you where:

We all deserve to get the life we want.
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1. Define your passion.

Put everything away for a moment and think with me:

Your grandparents just gave you a million-dollar inheritance. You exchange it for your currency of choice and you thank your lucky stars. You’re set for life! You don’t need a job anymore. You don’t need to do something you don’t like just for the sake of money.

Now, what will you do instead?

This is where your passion comes in – your passion is simply something that you’d want to do for the rest of your life even if you don’t get paid for it.

What did you think up first? Is it writing? Reading? Jogging? Swimming? Communicating with people? Teaching? Setting up websites? Graphic designing? Dancing?

List down that one thing and focus on it.

2. Set out your Life Dreams.

What do you want to achieve in your life? What are the goals that make you feel excited and pumped up just by thinking about achieving them?

Win a Nobel prize? Write a best-selling novel? Be recognized as an influential blogger? Set up your own start-up business? Travel the world and collect photos? Be the best mother to your children?

These, according to Brother Bo Sanchez, are called your Life Dreams. Your Life Dreams are connected with your passion simply because you’ll use your passion to achieve your Life Dreams!

Enumerate your Life Dreams! Don’t filter – just write everything that comes into mind. Hey, it’s your dreams. And no one can take these dreams away from you.

3. Prioritize these Life Dreams according to importance – WHY?

This is where the critical part comes in. Let’s face it: We can’t have everything.

So put on your thinking cap and prioritize your Life Dreams now. Which are the three most important to you?

Why? Why are these three most important? Define your WHY.

And don’t make it a half-hearted WHY, like, I want to write a novel because it’s cool. Or, I want to be a great mom since everyone thinks I’m awesome.


Be sure the WHY is something that you emotionally desire.

…because I want to help influence people and help them in the process.
…because I want to contribute something to this world and leave a legacy.

Make your own WHY! It should be intense. Make sure that when you read it, you definitely want to get going and achieve it now.

4. Plan small but vital actions.

Go back to your Life Dreams and list down small actions you can do to achieve them. If you want to write a best-selling novel, strive to write 5 pages each day. If you want to be an influential blogger, start with setting up a blog. If you want to travel the world, start researching about great rates and saving up for it.

We have already defined your Life Dreams, so planning actions to achieve them is the next step.

As we say, failing to plan is planning to fail!

5. Start now.

Remember the small but vital actions?

Start doing them now!

And if ever you feel discouraged, remember your WHY and you’ll find yourself getting inspired again.

Are you living your dream life?

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