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Splurge to Invest

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What does splurging mean to you? Basically, it can be translated to indulging in a luxury or an out-of-this-world expense. In the personal finance world, splurging is often talked about with a critical eye – it connotes wastage and impracticality.

Why, then, am I telling you to splurge right now? And to splurge to invest?! The nerve of me! What’s my purpose of doing so?

Splurge to Invest
Invest in your relationships.
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My friend, make sure to save on any trivial matter on your life.

– You have a decent set of clothes? Don’t buy another one!
– You’re thirsty? Drink from the fountain!
– You’re at the mall and you want to get home fast? Ditch the cab and ride on the jeepney!

If it’s not worth it, don’t splurge on it. However, for the important stuff, make sure that you only get the best there is. Obviously, you will only realize what significant things are important in your life once you do some self-insight.

Personally, after doing some thought on this matter, I have realized that the most important thing for me (yes, more important than eating!) is my relationship with the people who truly matter for me.

Splurge on your experience with the people you love – it’s like investing. This doesn’t mean that you should date your wife every day on a five-star hotel or that you should give gifts to your girl friend every single time!

This means that for those situations which are important – wedding anniversaries and birthdays, among others – make sure that splurging on something will make your relationship with them more meaningful.

If you always go to a restaurant on your wife’s birthday, why don’t you splurge once on a 3-day vacation to Boracay or Palawan instead?

If you always give your girl friend a single rose on your anniversary, why don’t you splurge once on a bouquet of roses instead?

If you just hug your parents on their birthday, why don’t you splurge once and take them to the spa for a whole day of relaxation instead?

The key here is balance. You should know when to save, when to spend and when to splurge. When the person is worth it, go ahead and splurge once in a while.

Little things count, yes.

But big things matter as well. 🙂

Are you a fan of splurging? Have you read my book yet? (Haha!)

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