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Spending My 24th Birthday at Doha, Qatar :)

It’s been a while since I celebrated my birthday with my parents.

And I have to say, it made me nostalgic and a little bit teary-eyed – not because my papa joked that I should cover the bill (I did! :)) but because the last time I remember celebrating my birthday with my parents was when I turned 18?

My parents are OFWs, so whenever June 26 comes, they’re in Qatar and we’re in the Philippines.

Not this time, though. Because we also visited Qatar! And here’s a quirky recollection of my birthday celebration held at Yee Hwa Restaurant in Doha.

If you’ve been a long-time reader of The Wise Living, you’d know that we already went to Yee Hwa before, last December 2013. I wasn’t too hyped about it because I didn’t appreciate the beauty of Korean food then, but now I was totally enjoying the whole experience.

Since we were a group, I advised my family that we order two group meals instead. Of course, since we wanted to enjoy the moment at our own pace, we ordered meals that required us to cook them ourselves.

And for the Japanese meal, an order of shabu-shabu, please!

If you’re planning to dine at Yee Hwa and to cook your own meals, don’t be too picky about the grill smell getting on your clothes. It’s part of the experience! Also, don’t be too shy about asking them to refill your banchan (side dishes).

Needless to say, my father enjoyed the meal because it allowed us to dictate the level of doneness of the food.

As for my little brother LJ, well, you know he always loves eating…

I have a shot of mama eating, too, but I think she’d pinch me, so I will post this instead:

As for the food – of course it was amazing, we cooked it ourselves!

Kidding aside, I love the fact that I was able to teach my parents how to make a ssambap which is a fancy way of saying that I wrapped the meat together with kimchi and the sauce into a lettuce, folded it and ate it all in one sitting.

Will we come back here? OF COURSE. I’d like to make it a tradition every time we visit Qatar!

Thank you to everyone who greeted me Happy Birthday on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email 🙂

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And of course, thank you God, for making this possible.

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