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Saving Money: 13 Money Resolutions for 20-somethings This 2013

What money resolutions for 2013 should young adults consider implementing?

Yes, it’s already May. But it’s never too late to talk about personal finance management, right? It’s not yet late to be accountable for your future!

money resolutions for young adults
Is your money resolution haunting you?

Should you incur credit card debt?

Should you get health insurance?

Should you have a steady amount of emergency fund saved up?

To start off:

1. Map out your life dreams.
Do you want to own a house at age 25? Want to start a business when you’re still 26? Travel the world while you’re still young? Enumerate your Life Dreams and include an estimated figure for every Life Dream.

This can make you more serious in saving and investing money because you have an idea as to how much money your dreams will cost…
For the other 12 money resolutions, kindly head on over to Rappler for my guest post on “13 Money Resolutions for 20-somethings This 2013 there.
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