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6 Tips to Stop Multitasking

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Ah, the very controversial topic of multitasking!

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re answering the phone, replying to your email, working on your business proposal and getting reprimanded by your boss –

– all at the same time?

That MAJORLY sucks, my friend. Just typing about it makes me feel nauseated.

tips to stop multitasking
Look at his hands! How many are there?

People think that multitasking saves time and energy. Also, it gives them the “rush” of busyness, the feeling of being productive and the aura of an important person.

Well, think again. Not only does multitasking decreases the quality of your work, it also affects your brain negatively. Uh oh.

Please do yourself a favor and do ONE task at a time. Don’t let anything distract you from doing something that you’re supposed to be doing. Follow this helpful tip and recognize your work quality improve.

You don’t have any idea how to start? Let me help you with that:
  • Select a Big Project and set time for it. Please select one that is relevant with your Life Dreams. Choose a project which you think will make a positive influence on your life. Personally, as a part-time freelancer and a full-time director, I barely have enough time to write this blog post! But just as I said, if something matters, you will find time to do it. I gave myself 25 minutes to write this blog post.
  • Trim the fat. No, you don’t need to take a run before doing your work (though exercising is very important!). This means eliminating all the distractions: turn off your phone, close your email tab, fix your desk or tie your hair.
  • Make time tangible. Saying you’ll get done at 6:30 am is less effective than actually seeing a countdown timer work its way to 0. Use a timer and stick with the time. Don’t look at it every second, though!
  • Control your urge. If you wanted to check on your phone for a while, STOP! And no, don’t even open your email while you’re working on your task. Just think that once you’re done working, you can do what you like for 10 minutes so please, bear with your work for a while.
  • Take breaks. If you allotted one hour for completing your Big Project, take a 10-minute break to get your gear running again. Run for a while, make yourself some tea, go to the bathroom or go and check out The Wise Finance. 😉 Remember, do this for 10 minutes ONLY.
  • Reward yourself. When you’re already done, good for you, my friend! You’re awesome! You can do anything you like for 20 minutes! (And then you have to work again after that). So, go now and don’t waste time!
There! My timer didn’t even ring yet. Maybe I should have allotted only 15 minutes…

What do YOU think? Hit me up in the comments! (Not literally!)

Live wisely,

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2 thoughts on “6 Tips to Stop Multitasking”

  1. I'm trying to cure my tendency to multi-task as well.

    In the office, I work uninterruptedly for 30 minutes then "reward" myself with 5 minutes of checking my email or reader feed.

    It's more difficult at home because I have access to Twitter and Facebook. But when I need to get something done, I close all the tabs and just go tunnel vision on the task at hand with only bathroom or water breaks as my "reward".

    Funny but I can focus more at home, probably because blogging and rackets are more interesting than my day job:p

  2. Hello. Nice to see you here. 🙂

    Haha. I know what you mean. When you do what you love, it's not like you're working anymore. I'm curious, do you work in oDesk? 🙂

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