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Bo Sanchez: My Maid Invests in the Stock Market (Book Review)

Gone were the days when I was mindless about money. Of course, that statement made me sound a little bit greedy, but I assure you that it wasn’t my intention to imply so. I was merely stating a fact: currently, I feel a little more responsible about money.

Maybe it’s because of the fact that I’m older now, (I’m 20!) but recently I’ve been investing in giving myself financial education so that I am able to manage my finances accordingly.

One way to manage one’s finances is through the use of investments. Naturally, on the subject of investments, the nature of stock market comes up.

This is the reason why I am going to submit a review of Bo Sanchez’s My Main Invests in the Stock Market…and Why You Should Too!

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Upon reading the title, I knew that I was going to be instantly hooked. Brother Bo really knows how to capture his audience’s attention! A maid investing in the stock market, seriously?

The author has such a way with words. In his 84-page book, he enumerates the risks and benefits of investing in the stock market. He did so without being overly technical, so an ordinary person like me was able to understand it just fine.

He also said the difference between investing and trading. He says that while it is true that 85% people lose their money in the market, this is because those 85% are all traders!

Trading in the market is different than investing in the market as investing is more long-term.

Also, Bo mentioned that there are only 2 kinds of money that should be put in banks: Business Money and Emergency Money for easy liquidity! As for the money to be invested in the stock market, he preferred to call them his Retirement Fund.

Needless to say, I have learned a lot from his book. You can download the short version for free online as he gives it away, but as for the longer version, then you need to be a member of his Truly Rich Club.

I am a member, and trust me, his knowledge can shock you.

More importantly, it can help you as well.

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