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Develop and Live Your Millionaire Mindset

We all know that being a millionaire is great! With this status, we can buy what we want, when we want to. It is the ultimate definition of a financial freedom. And who wouldn’t want that?

Being a millionaire is no picnic, though. Unless you were born with ultra rich relatives who have taught you Millionaire Habits, then being a millionaire is tough. Lotto winners and celebrities are also not counted. All in all, it boils down to your habits, as our habits define who we are.

We need to develop Millionaire Habits.

What are they? Let me give you the first one.

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Never settle for less.

Adopt the millionaire mindset.
Yes, I can be rich. And I will be, given a considerable amount of time.

This also means defining your wealth. I mean, you can’t know how to reach a dream if you can’t even specify your dream. It’s a basic thing. Do you value your family? Your friends? Your loved one? Do you value your relationships? If that is the case, then, you can say that your wealth is people.

And I agree! My wealth is people, too! I love people and my interaction with them is always the highlight of my day.

I need money, though. I can’t just let my parents have their semi-annually check-ups with love! I can’t say, “Doctor, here is my love for you. Would you care assessing my parents so that any medical condition can have early detection and prompt treatment?”

I need money. I can’t fund my little brother’s college education with love. “Oh, hi principal. Sorry I can’t pay with money. I love you so much, though. Would you care allowing my brother continue his education? Remember, we all love you!”

I need money. I can’t settle down with the person I love with, er, love. “Hi, person I love, could you please not take a bath anymore? The water bill is high. I love you, though. Oh and please don’t bother turning on the appliances. We don’t have money to pay them. I love you, though. Let’s not eat anymore! Let us feed on each other’s love!”

I consider people I love as my wealth. But money assists me in caring for them to the best of my abilities.

After defining what your wealth is, create the Millionaire Mindset. Repeat this mantra everyday: I will become rich to be able to care for my loved ones more, and to be able to give to the needy more.

Last is determine what you want to have. Whether you want just enough, more than enough or exceedingly more than enough, it all matters to you.

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