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(Boracay Trip 2012): Island Hopping & Snorkeling

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(Yes, this is a long overdue post, indeed.)

And now we go on to Boracay Part Two which covers island hopping and snorkeling in Boracay.

After resting for quite some time at Microtel, we decided to take our breakfast and then to go and walk along the beach. Microtel offers two complimentary breakfast meals so we needed to order two more since there were four of us. Mama’s Fish House offers breakfast sets – American or Filipino, I believe.

boracay trip island hopping snorkeling
The orange juice was tasty.

Each breakfast set already has a beverage with it so you don’t need to worry about ordering a separate drink. Microtel also offers free coffee and tea at their lobby so you’re covered.

boracay trip island hopping snorkeling
This was the American breakfast of Mama’s Fish House.
After eating, we then spent some time to walk along the beach. It was there where we met a boat owner who offered his services to tour us around the area and to do island hopping. We agreed with P1,500 inclusive of four hours of island hopping and snorkeling goggles.

boracay trip island hopping snorkeling
This was during our walk along the beach – taken before island hopping.

And then off we went to do island hopping! The island hopping really made me appreciate the beauty of nature – the water was so blue and so were the skies. It was a relaxing moment.

boracay trip island hopping snorkeling
Such an earthy vibe!

boracay trip island hopping snorkeling
My mom working her shades.

boracay trip island hopping snorkeling
Lovely couple!

After a while, we reached Puka Island. It was named as such because it served as the home of thousands of puka shells that the natives value so much. The beach seemed like a pristine virgin with its white sand, refreshingly blue waves and colorful shells. The sand felt more coarse so please wear your sandals – I didn’t and I have minor cuts on my feet now.

boracay trip island hopping snorkeling
I won’t be tempted to pick these pretty shells up, no, no…

We took some shots here as well. I noticed the only people here were us, the guys manning the boat and a sole man selling ice cream. By the way, remind yourself not to pick up any shells, okay? They’re trying to preserve it so it would do us well to respect that.

boracay trip island hopping snorkeling
What’s up, Puka beach?

Now, onto the snorkeling moments! Snorkeling was fun but it was also nauseating! I looked down for the first time and I actually saw the depth of the sea! It’s so different because when you look at it from the boat, the sea seems shallow, but it’s actually very deep.

boracay trip island hopping snorkeling
Please don’t mind our dorky poses – hey look! The water’s blue.

We did snorkeling for quite some time but we all felt dizzy so we had to stop. After this, we settled for a trip towards our lunch! It was a good thing there were only four of us as customers so we didn’t have to consult other customers regarding our preferred activities.

boracay trip island hopping snorkeling
Welcome to Calirojan Beach, Boracay Island!

Yes, the food was immediately scarfed down so I didn’t have the chance to take pictures of it. I’ll be sure to take a few shots next time. 😉 The ride back was an ordinary one and it soon came to the moment of leaving the boat and boarding land once again.

The next stop we went to was Real Coffee. I’ll be featuring this establishment on a separate post so watch out!

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