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How to Open A Mutual Fund Account with Sun Life Philippines: 3 Easy Steps

Want me to help you open your own Sun Life mutual fund account?

If you’ve already read about our beginner’s primer on mutual funds, you might already be itching to start your own mutual fund account.

Open A Mutual Fund Account with Sun Life Philippines
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Contrary to some beliefs, investing in mutual funds is NOT spending. It’s more like buying.

What are you buying?

– You’re buying a day where you don’t need to work anymore.
– You’re buying a peace of mind that you can provide for your loved ones any time.
– You’re buying financial freedom for yourself and your family.

Sounds good?

If you’re also interested in mutual funds plus life insurance – read about VULs.

(Read: VULs – are they perfect for you?)

Want to start your own mutual fund account? Here are 5 easy steps to help you get started:

1. Find out the following:

What mutual fund type do you want to invest in?

For your first ever mutual fund account, figure out which investment type is the most compatible to your goal.

Here’s a table of summary so that you can be guided which investment type to pick.

In peso:

Open A Mutual Fund Account with Sun Life Philippines

In dollar:

What sales load (fee) do you choose?

All mutual funds in the Philippines have compulsory sales loads/fees ranging from 2%-5.6%. Only Sun Life has the option to choose whether you will be charged or none at all.
If you choose Front End (A):
– you get charged when you invest;
– no more exit or withdrawal fees when you redeem or withdraw your investment.

Front End (A)
Sales Load Rate (excluding VAT)
Less than P100k
P100k to less than P1M
P1M to less than P5M
P5M and up
Less than $2k
$2k to less than $20k
$20k to less than $100k
$100k and up

If you choose Back End (B):
– no sales load/ fees upon investment;
– you get charged when you redeem or withdraw your money depending on how long it was invested.

Back-End (B)
Redemption on
BACK-END Load Rate (Excluding VAT)
1st year
2nd year
3rd year
4th year
5th year
Beyond 5 years

What type of account do you plan to get?

Just like a bank account, you can choose to open a mutual fund account as:

– Individual: For yourself alone.

– Joint: For you and your partner.

– In Trust For (ITF): For your children below 18 years old. This is what my mom did for my brother also.

– Institutional account: Your company or your cooperative can even open your own mutual fund account in Sun Life so you can get higher potential for your money to grow, as compared to banks!

2. Download these forms and fill them out:
1. Investor Profile Questionnaire to assess your risk profile
4. And please email me a scanned copy of your government ID – Kindly send to

3. Prepare your initial investment

In most mutual fund types, P5,000 is the initial investment for peso accounts. It’ll be part of your mutual fund investment and will be used to buy your first number of shares.

Last step? Contact me so we can meet personally.

When we meet, you can simply submit the forms at #2 and give me the original deposit slip of your investment so that we can process your mutual fund account with Sun Life Philippines. 🙂

Any questions? Let me know so I can address them!


Want to get started managing your money/budgeting/investing? Contact me, your trusted financial advisor, through the following:

Twitter: @MsLianneLaroya
Mobile: 0916 737 8741

We can even meet personally for a FREE financial planning session! Let me know so we can finalize a schedule that works. No obligation to do anything – except share what you learned with your friends!

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Thank you, wonderful people!

Live wisely,

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