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4 Tips on How to Name your Business

What’s in a business name? Is finding the best business name really important?

Well, for large companies which have over-the-top budgets that can come in handy when marketing their brand, a great business name is nice.

But for small to medium enterprises, having the best business name is crucial. It’s important. It can either make or break your brand, so the pressure to choose the greatest business name for your company is high!

What to do if your mind is swirling with confusion?
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Hey, calm down.

If you don’t have any idea, just follow these basic guidelines to help you name your business appropriately.

Your business name should stick – make it short.: Your business name should be easily remembered so why don’t you try a name that is only two to three syllables? You don’t want your potential referral to be postponed just because your client can’t remember your brand, right? Make it memorable.

Your business name should be functional. This means that upon hearing your business name, your audience should already have an inkling of what your business is all about. As a small business (for now!), you can’t afford to spend all your money just for brand awareness – do you really want to spend all your cash just to put forward the impression that your business name, “Quinine”, is really into baking services, right? An indicative name like “Icings” is more apt.

Your business name should tell a story: Why did you choose that name? Is there a purpose? Make your story stand out! Appeal to emotions. Touch the heart of your audience. Make them want to know more about you.

Your business name should be positive-sounding: You don’t necessarily have to add positive-sounding words to your name – what this actually means is that you need to make sure that when you pronounce your business name to a person, that person can relate your business name to a positive concept, like trust, professionalism and credibility. Don’t use cutesy words, if you want to be taken seriously. Please don’t.

What’s the name of your business? Share in the comments below!

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