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7 Ways on How To Lessen Stress

A lot of people cope with stress all the time. Stress is connoted as something negative when the fact is, it actually should be seen as the opposite. Yes, stress is somethings considered to be good – as long as the body and mind can handle it. As long as we can deal with the wear and tear process of it, stress is manageable. Put madness and extreme stress into the equation and the good becomes the bad.

I have read a LOT of articles wherein people tell you how to cope with stress. And while these articles are generally well-written, they can be too generalized. These articles forego the fact that stress is subjective and should be therefore dealt differently.

And so I decided on enumerating ways to lessen stress because most of the time, stress has the same causes over and over again.

Do you want to find out what these ways are? Then keep on reading!

“Stressed” is just “desserts” spelled backwards!

1. Get up 30 minutes earlier. A lot of people tend to sleep in most of the time. As a result, they rush through their morning and get late! Then because they’re late, they get mad and cranky. Talk about a lot of stress! Wake up 30 minutes earlier & establish a morning routine. Eat a decent breakfast and meditate. Prepare your things. Pretty soon, you’ll eventually find out that you may just be a morning person.

2. Keep a small notebook with you always. Let’s face it – we’re getting old. Sure you could remember something just by hearing about it then, but what about now? A lot of people get stress because they don’t remember their awesome ideas or items that they swear they would never forget. Your wife told you to buy this and that for groceries? Write them down. It will save you the hassle of apologizing to her when you forget to buy something. (It will save you money, too, because you don’t need to buy a sorry gift anymore!)

3. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes/shoes. Tight-fitting items make us look bad – they make us feel bad, too. I feel so fat. I look like a sardine. I am ugly. Please stop. Do yourself and other people a favor and don’t wear them.

4. Exercise everyday. Start with just 5 minutes a day and then gradually increase it as you go. Let those endorphins be released and make you feel good about yourself. Doing this will also lessen the stress of sickness in the future.

5. Do it today. This will save you the trouble of worrying about meager tasks. Do it today if you still have the energy, time and mind strength to do it.

6. Laugh it off. Trivial things such as traffic or tripping in public? Laugh them off. I used to be paranoid about these but now I just take them easy. (Of course, this should be taken into context. I don’t advice you embarrassing yourself in presentations by not studying your report, though. Know your craft.)

7. Hug at least 2 people a day. Hugging makes us feel good, need I say more? (Don’t hug random strangers, though!)

Stress need not be energy-draining, my dear friends!

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