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How to Get VAXCERT PH Online 2022 (5 Easy Steps)

Do you want to know how to get VaxCert Philippines online?

With the rest of the world slowly but steadily opening their borders for international travel again, more and more Filipinos are interested in getting a digital copy of their vaccine cards online.

That’s because a digital vaccine certificate is one of the main requirements for travel nowadays.

For example, one of the travel requirements from the Philippines to Thailand as a tourist is a VaxCert.

Whatever your reason for getting your digital vaccine is, in this post, we’ll share with you the easiest way to get your VaxCert certificate online.

Let’s dive in below.

How to Get VaxCert Online

1. Go to the official VaxCert PH website

2. Fill out your personal information

3. Enter your vaccination details in the Philippines

4. Verify your vaccine information

5. Download your vaccine certificate online

What is VaxCert PH?

VaxCert PH stands for Vaccination Certificate in the Philippines. Every Filipino has a right to get a vaccine certificate, as long as they’re vaccinated.

Since the COVID-19 Vaccination Program Act of 2021 or Republic Act 11525 commands the Department of Health to issue and verify certificates to all Filipinos with complete vaccinations, DOH released the VaxCert PH website.

Why should you get VaxCert PH?

When you get your own digital vaccination certificate like VaxCert, this is proof that you’re fully vaccinated against COVID-19. You can use this whenever establishments require you to present proof of your vaccination.

Also, depending on the country’s policy, VaxCert PH can be used as proof of vaccination for international travel so even some OFWs can use it.

For example, Singapore has a List of Digitally Verifiable COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates and VaxCert PH is accepted under Philippines.

How to get VaxCert PH online?

Now that you know how important your digital vaccine certificate is, let’s talk about how you can get it below:

1. Go to the official VaxCert PH website

First, go to the official website. It’s DOH’s VaxCert PH website at

Make sure you agree to the data privacy statement by checking on the box. Then, click on Continue.

2. Fill out your personal information

Next, you’ll be asked if you’ve been vaccinated for more than 48 hours for any of your doses.

If it’s applicable to you, click yes then press Next to proceed.

vaxcert philippines online

Another page will appear. To get your VaxCert, you’re supposed to fill out your personal information here, such as your last name, first name, middle name and birthdate.

vaxcert official website

Once you’re done putting your personal details, remember to click Next to continue to the next page.

3. Enter your vaccination details in the Philippines

The next step so you can get your VaxCert PH online is to enter your vaccine details.

For example, here’s my vaccination details.

how to get vaxcert

Not sure about your vaccine details? Check your COVID-19 vaccination card so you know your city/municipality where you got vaccinated, together with the dates of vaccinations.

When you’re done adding your vaccine details, click on Verify vaccination information.

4. Verify your vaccine information

Next, the VaxCert PH webpage will show you the information you’ve put, so you can verify them.

Take your time and review the information displayed so you’re sure that everything is correct.

Make sure that the information is accurate, so you won’t have a hard time downloading your vaccine certificate later.

Once you’re sure that all the information displayed are accurate, click continue.

5. Download your vaccine certificate online

Finally, the webpage will show you your final vaccination details, together with the vaccine brand that was administered on you.

how to get vaxcert

I’d recommend you to check the box for travel purposes so you can easily use your VaxCert PH as proof of your vaccination, especially when you’re travelling internationally.

Click on Generate Vaccination Certificate then just download it to your computer or phone.

That’s it! You’ve now downloaded your official VaxCert PH online. Congratulations!

Final Thoughts on How to Get VaxCert

In the past, Filipinos would ask how long to get VaxCert PH.

But since DOH streamlined the process for us already, we can actually get our digital vaccination certificate online in a few minutes. This is assuming that our vaccine records are updated by the local government that gave us the vaccines.

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