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How to Get APPROVED For Credit Card in Philippines [5 Tips]

Want to know how to get approved for credit card in Philippines?

Since using a credit card properly helps you manage your finances better, a lot of Filipinos are interested in how to get approved for a credit card on their first time application.

In this article, we’ll talk about the proven tips that you can do to increase your chances of credit card approval.

Let’s dive into it.

How to Get Approved for Credit Card in Philippines

Already applied for a credit card before, but you got denied?

Here are 5 sure-fire tips that can help boost your chances of getting approved in your next credit card application.

1. Meet the minimum credit card requirements

One of the common reasons for getting denied a credit card is because you haven’t fully met the requirements yet.

Usually, to qualify for your first ever credit card, you should:

  • be at least 21 years old
  • be earning at least ₱15,000 per month
  • have an active landline or mobile phone number
  • have at least 1 year regular employment status (or 2-year profitable self-employment status)
  • have a valid SSS, GSIS, TIN, or UMID number

Also, remember to keep these financial documents at hand so you can get easy credit card approval in the Philippines:

  • Latest three-month pay slips/Latest ITR/Certificate of Employment (for employed)
  • Latest ITR/Latest audited financial statements/DTI or SEC registration papers (for self-employed)

Already have the minimum credit card requirements, but you still haven’t gotten approval yet?

Check out the next card approval tip below.

2. Open a savings account

open savings account in philippines

Another tip to make your credit card approval process as easy as possible is to open a savings account with the bank you like to get a credit card from.

For example, if you’d like to get a BDO credit card, then open a BDO savings account.

Or, if you’d like to get a credit card from BPI, then open a BPI Direct Save Up savings account from the branch nearest to your house or office.

Having an existing and active savings account from a bank makes you a candidate for a potential cardholder.

The amount you deposit with the bank doesn’t have to be insanely high either. Sometimes, banks offer credit cards to their long-time depositors so the earlier you start a savings account, the better.

3. Get a secured credit card

Want to know one of the easiest ways to get approved for credit card in the Philippines?

It’s to get a secured credit card.

Simply put, a secured credit card is a type of credit card that is guaranteed by a cash deposit from the cardholder.

A secured credit card has your savings account, checking account or time deposit as collateral. And since it’s linked to a bank account, you can expect 100% approval from the bank you’re applying at.

Most of the time, the bank will give you a credit card limit that’s 70%-80% of your deposited amount.

For example, if you have ₱20,000, then you’ll receive a credit limit of ₱14,000 to ₱16,000.

There are tons of secured credit cards in the Philippines, but I highly recommend RCBC Bankard Secured Card. Its minimum hold-out deposit amount is only ₱10,000 so it’s easier to apply for.

4. Choose the top credit cards for beginners

 how to get approved for credit card in philippines

Not all credit cards are created equal.

Some credit cards are harder to apply for, since they have more requirements.

On the other hand, some credit cards are better suited to newbies because their requirements are easier to qualify for. Here are the best credit cards for first time applicants in the Philippines.

Tip: If you’re worried about a low monthly income requirement, then go with PNB Visa Classic or EastWest Practical Mastercard. You’ll find out how much is their minimum salary requirement in this article.

5. Apply as a supplementary credit cardholder

A supplementary credit card is an add-on card connected to an existing credit card account.

Using it, a primary cardholder can extend their credit card benefits to their parents, spouse, family members, friends or partners while still having full control of how much they can spend on the credit card.

For example, if your spouse or partner already has an existing credit card, then you can apply as their supplementary cardholder. 🙂

Still not sure how to get approved for credit card in Philippines?

Then go with the easiest tip in this article: apply as a supplementary cardholder.

Is it hard to get a credit card in the Philippines? If you’re registered as a supplementary cardholder of an existing credit card owner, then it’s super easy to get a credit card.

FAQs on Credit Card Approval – Philippines

What is the easiest way to get a credit card in the Philippines?

The easiest way to get a credit card in the Philippines is to apply as a supplementary cardholder of an existing credit card account.

If you don’t know anyone willing to make you a supplementary, then you can also apply to get a secured credit card to make it easier for you.

What is minimum salary for credit card in Philippines?

The minimum salary for credit card application in the Philippines is ₱10,000 per month or ₱120,000 per year. Other banks require a minimum salary requirement of ₱15,000 monthly or ₱180,000 yearly.

Can a student get a credit card?

Yes, a student can get a credit card if they apply as a supplementary cardholder of their parents or older siblings.

Final Thoughts on Easy Approval of Credit Card in Philippines

While it’s definitely hard to get approved for a credit card as a first-time applicant, there are tons of tips to help you boost your chances.

We hope this article helped you find more ways to get easy credit card approval, even if you’re a newbie in applying.

Also interested in saving money? You can check out this next post on the best savings accounts with ZERO maintaining balance in the Philippines.

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