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How to Fill Out BIR Form 0605 for Annual Registration [ONLINE]

Do you want to know how to fill out BIR form 0605 online?

If you’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur or a self-employed professional, you need to pay the annual registration fee with BIR.

Not sure how to do this? We’ve added the step-by-step instructions on how to fill out BIR payment form 0605 online, plus how to file your annual registration with BIR just a few clicks.

What is BIR Form 0605?

BIR Form 0605 is the official Payment Form. It’s used for voluntary payment and delinquent account payment like self-assessment, penalties, tax deposit and annual registration fee, among others.

Since this post is about annual registration, we’ll focus on filling out the BIR Form 0605 for voluntary payment — for the Annual Registration Fee.

Who should file and pay annual registration fee?

Annual Registration Fee is a tax filing requirement you need to comply with every year, if you’re a taxpayer doing business or self-employment registered in BIR in the Philippines.

How much is the BIR annual registration fee?

The BIR annual registration fee costs ₱500, and it needs to be paid on or before January 31 of the current year to avoid interest, penalties and compromise fees.

How to Get BIR Form 0605

Let’s get started with the online process for filing and paying annual registration fee.

First, download the latest eBIRFORM version on your Windows computer. It’s easier to file your taxes online using Windows, since Mac OS users need to use a complicated setup.

1. Go to the official BIR website and visit their eBIRForms section

2. Click on the download link and set up eBIRForms on your computer

3. Open the eBIRForms app on your computer, and click on the Form 0605 option.

If you’re using eBIRForms, here’s how your form 0605 should look:

Or, you can also download the PDF copy of Form 0605 here and print 3 copies to your RDO before submitting it for payment.

How to Fill Out BIR Form 0605

Let’s start filling your form 0605 out one-by-one:

1. Choose the applicable year that applies to you. Personally, I use Calendar year.

2. Since it’s 2023 this year, the year ends at December 2023.

3. You can skip this as it’s not applicable for annual registration form filing.

4. Due date should be 01 31 [current year]. Since this year is 2023, use 01 31 2023.

5. If you’re attaching other sheets, add that in this item.

6. What is ATC in BIR Form 0605? ATC should be MC180 for Registration Fee for both VAT/Non-VAT taxpayers. I’m a non-VAT taxpayer, so this is what I included in my 0605 form.

7. What’s the return period for BIR form 0605? The return period for 2023 calendar year is 12 31 2023. Feel free to edit the current year depending on the year you’re filling out the form.

8. Since we’re filling out 0605 for Registration Fee, choose RF.

9. to 16. Fill out your needed details such as TIN, RDO code, name, telephone number, registered address and line of business according to your certificate of registration.

For item 11, I selected I because I’m an Individual taxpayer. You can select N if you’re a Non-individual payer.

Let’s go to the bottom portion of the 0605 form.

how to fill out bir form 0605

17. For the manner of payment, go under Voluntary Payment > choose Others, then type in 2023 Registration Fee. Of course, if it’s not 2023 anymore, feel free to change this to reflect the current year.

18. Type of payment for annual registration fee should be Full Payment.

19. For Basic Tax/Deposit/Advance Payment, enter ₱500 because this is the payment amount for annual registration fee. Only fill out Items 20A to 20C if applicable, if not then just leave them as-is.

Once you’re done, review all the info you’ve put in your form 0605, then click on Save.

How to File BIR Form 0605 Online

Now that you’re done filling out your BIR forms 0605 online, it’s time to file it online.

Simply click on Submit and this will pop up from eBIRForms.

Wait for your BIR form 0605 to be submitted.

To make sure that your form has been submitted, this will be shown to you:

In my experience, BIR takes a long time in sending you the confirmation email, so wait for an hour or so. Next, check your email from BIR and this should be in your inbox or spam folder:

Since you filed using eBIRForms, print 3 copies of the tax return and the email confirmation. You can pay the annual registration fee through one of the accredited banks of your respective RDO, or by GCash.

Here are 3 easy steps to pay BIR 0605 form via Gcash.

So it’s easier for you to keep track of your tax returns for visa application, make sure you keep a copy of the payment confirmation for proof of payment.

We hope this article helped you find out how to fill out BIR form 0605 properly. For more details, you can also read this post on how to register in BIR as a freelancer or self-employed professional.

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