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How to Beat the Rainy Day Blues

It’s July nowadays and do you know what that means? Rainy season, of course!

Would you believe that I’m currently hearing the loud gush of the wind and the angry roar of the rain as I’m typing this blog post?

Putting that aside, I’m urging you to admit our topic right now. Come on.

I know you’re affected by the rainy day blues, too.

Don’t be shy – it’s just the two of us here!

You don’t want to admit it?

Okay, I’ll go. I woke up at 7 am this morning instead of the usual 5:30 am.

See? I’m being affected, too! This is why we need to stop being bums and start living in the moment again!

Do you want to read the Top 3 ways to beat the rainy day blues (and still be productive)? Read on!

How to Beat the Rainy Day Blues
Rainy days are there so we can bloom!

1. Remove all the clutter from your house: Hey, I’m not telling you to start doing it by removing every little thing from your house! It would do you well to start doing this room to room. Spend 30 minutes in each room. Have 3 bags labelled as Trash, Valuable and Possible. Throw the things you have no need for in the Trash, save the important things in the Valuable and store in-between stuff in the Possible. If you find that you haven’t opened the Possible bag after 6 months, throw it, too.

2. Read a book: Why don’t you try reading my e-book? Shameless self-promotion, I know. 🙂
Kidding aside, reading stimulates the neurons and keeps your mental health in shape. Fiction, non-fiction – read something that you know you’ll benefit from.

3. Utilize this time to develop a new skill: Personally, I’m using this time to be ambidextrous. Yes, I want to learn how to be ambidextrous. I’ve started by doing basic tasks such as brushing my teeth and combing by hair with my left hand. Tomorrow I’ll try eating with it hopefully. I’m also using this time to review my basic Japanese. 🙂 I’m also reading about Marketing! How interesting!

How about you? Is your rainy day productive? Let us know!

Do you love rainy days?

Live wisely,

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