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[GUEST] Real Talk, CNN Philippines – Managing Your Finances

As a Pinoy millenial, how do you manage your finances? 

Last August 30, I was invited by Real Talk, a station-produced show by CNN Philippines to talk about managing your money as a yuppie. 

It was a surreal experience. I was stunned by the amazing hosts, Rachel Alejandro and Christine Jacob – such lovely presences. And I felt honored to be invited. 

My parents were equally happy when they received the news. They even dragged LJ and they all dropped me off at CNN Philippines headquarters. 🙂 Here they are posing in front of the office. 

Since Pinoy yuppies love to travel, here’s a special article I made just for you. 

In my guesting, I also made it a point to talk about preparing for your SELFIE. It’s really about preparing for the future and learning to balance. 

S – Security

Security means that you have a financial peace of mind. 

Emergency Fund: Your security for the present. Get an emergency fund that can meet 3-6 months’ worth of your expenses.

Retirement Fund: Your security for the future. Save enough for the initial investment amount toopen an investment account and then invest monthly. (Don’t just rely on government programs!)

E – Education

Don’t just invest in financial assets: you need to invest in your knowledge as well. Purchase money management books, attend conferences and networking events, listen to talks and seek expert advice.

So glad to see Sir Chinkee Tan as a co-guest in the show. Thank you for having me once again, Real Talk! 🙂

You worked hard for this money – shouldn’t your money do the same for you? 

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