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Why Goals Should Be Specific

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Goals should be S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound).

Have you ever heard of the adage “It’s free to dream.”? I hear this statement once a month from family and friends alike. It seems like this is a common Filipino saying.

Everyone has a dream. Everyone yearns of achieving something or finally being able to do something. Everyone wants to feel that adrenaline rush whenever a dream comes true.

“I’ve finally reached my dream!!!” – How awesome would it be to finally utter this sentence?

The sad part, though, is that even if everyone dreams, not everyone plans to reach their dreams.

“I will be a millionaire someday!”

Will you save P5 coins until you retire?
That’s cool and all, but when is someday? When you’re 25 and still single? When you’re already married at 40? When you’re about to retire at 65?

And what do you mean, a millionaire? So only one million? 1.5 million? 5 million and three hundred thousand pesos? Do you even mean pesos? Or are you talking about another currency?

How will you be a millionaire? Winning the lotto? (I doubt it. You can’t plan on this, anyway.) Applying financial books’ lessons to your daily life? Resisting debt? Saving and investing your income in the stock market? Marrying an old rich guy? (I wouldn’t recommend this one, though!)

Setting goals is the way to go.

And the first thing you should remember is that your goal should be specific.

Be precise. Be accurate. Don’t generalize. Focus on what your main goal is.

What are you going to do? Use verbs. Earn, reach, travel to, attain, direct, develop – verbs are endless!

When do you think will you be able to achieve this goal? (We will talk about attainable and realistic soon, so make sure your goal is both!)

How will you reach this goal?

Dreaming is free, yes.

But failing to plan is hugely expensive.

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