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[GMA News Feature] How to make a million pesos by the time you’re 30

What does it take to be a millionaire?

This is essentially what Eush, Finance Editor from iMoney, was asking me when she interviewed me for the topic of making your first million by the time you’re 30.

In case it wasn’t clear to the readers of the article, I started by asking around. I remember when I emailed several financial gurus and they replied to me, back when I was just starting my journey to financial freedom.

After asking finance experts, I invested also in my financial education. Here’s an article I made about attending Sir Randell Tiongson’s seminar, way back in 2011. I didn’t just stop with one seminar, though.

Since I was quite young when I started, I strived to reach at least one month of emergency funds before I started investing in pooled funds (UITF, mutual funds and VUL) and direct stock investments.

Bakit ako kumuha ng VUL? VUL means na mayroon itong life insurance + investment.

Simple lang. I didn’t want to be a bother to my parents when something happens to me.

I also didn’t want to worry about paying a higher premium when I get older. At least with VUL, the premium stays the same even if I get older and more prone to sickness.

I started when I was earning a humble amount of P5,000 a month only.

Akala ng iba, madali. Pero hindi. There were a lot of times when I made mistakes in investing in something I didn’t understand, or I invested without a goal in mind.

The bread and butter of my income sources? I started doing online work. If you want to know more about online jobs, here are various things I did, along with the online writing job I applied for in

For the rest of the story, feel free to head on over to GMA News to read the article there.

Any questions, friends? Just ask in the comments and I’ll answer you, based on experience. 🙂


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