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Beth Kobliner: Get a Financial Life (Book Review)

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While I was eating my favorite Mushroom Burger with Cheese from Bodato Burgers and surfing the web simultaneously, I was struck by an idea: What if I look for personal finance books that can help young professionals like me get the financial freedom they want?

And so I researched. And researched some more.

This is how I got familiar with the title “Get a Financial Life” by author Beth Kobliner. The title is great because it has a call-to-action feel. I also love the fact that it is geared towards young professionals, too.

But then the problem was I didn’t know where to get a copy of it!

Until one day, I found it in a thrift bookstore.

This is my copy of “Get a Financial Life”

The book was supposed to cost P480.00 but I got a second-hand of it for P50.00 instead! Now that’s what I call a bargain.

To be honest, I was really psyched to read this book. A lot of personal finance websites recommended this book because it contains information necessary for putting your financial life together.

It is very comprehensive yet at the same time compact. It even has a “cheat sheet” section wherein you can read the overview if you’re in the mood for light reading.

Some of its chapters include diminishing debt, banking, investing, retirement, buying a home, getting an insurance and lessening your taxes.

But then, I failed to acknowledge a certain difference: This book is for citizens living in the US!

If you are a young professional living in the US or Canada, then buy “Get a Financial Life” by Beth Kobliner by all means! You will understand your 401(k) retirement plans even more and even save more money to pay your credit card debt and student loans.

But if your country doesn’t have 401(k) plans and you didn’t even loan your tuition money, I would suggest you to buy a personal finance book more accustomed to your country. It would save you the trouble. Trust me.

What’s your favorite personal finance book?

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2 thoughts on “Beth Kobliner: Get a Financial Life (Book Review)”

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