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5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Freelancing

A lot of freelancers want a guide that tells them things that they wish someone had told them sooner about freelancing so that when times get rough and they feel like giving up, they can turn to this guide for inspiration.
Most freelancers go into freelancing with the mindset that they would be rich in no time. They savor the freedom and the lack of office clothes. They eat their breakfast slowly and they enjoy their morning view.

These freelancers continue this cycle until they realize that the money they wanted to earn isn’t exactly coming in.

What’s wrong?! What happened? What’s the matter?

There, there. Before you lose hope and desperately ask for your job back, stop yourself! Stop panicking. Stop sulking.

Start getting your freelancing life back in order once again by knowing about these essential freelancing tips that can change your freelancing career for the better.

Don’t panic just yet, fellow freelancer!
1. The first month will be excruciating torture.

You wake up early to prepare for your corporate work, when you suddenly realize you just quit your day job. You feel scared out of your wits, thinking if there will be money coming your way.
You feel weird because your usual work structure has not been established yet. You might even blame yourself for quitting your day job…

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