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Freelance Camp Manila 2014: Want FREE tickets?

I love being a freelancer.

I love writing for a living – and living to write. 🙂

I love being able to start my work at 5 in the morning, and end it at 1 in the afternoon.

I love working in coffee shops, in parks, in restaurants, in hotels (during vacations with my loved ones) and even in the comfort of my own home office.

Simply put, I love following my passion and getting paid for it.

freelance camp manila 2014

But then again, did you know that when I first started in freelancing, I didn’t really love all of it?

I didn’t like the unpredictable income.

I didn’t like encountering scams.

I didn’t like the confusion with tax filing and the difficulty with getting bank loans (and even visa if you don’t have any documents!)

When I started freelancing, I was by myself. I didn’t have any mentors to guide me. It was all from scratch.

So when I found out that Learning Curve will be having a Freelance Camp Manila conference this October 18, I felt happy – “Finally, someone can help aspiring freelancers to actually get started!”

Seriously, just look at the benefits that you can learn from this loaded conference:

freelance camp manila 2014
How much do you need to invest in this seminar?

As I mentioned, since I was on my own when I started freelancing, I lost a lot of money – around P30,000? – because I:

– failed to identify scams,
– started with extremely low rates,
– did everything when I could have delegated some of them,
– never knew how and where to find jobs.

I didn’t just waste money. I wasted time and energy too.

But now that there’s Freelance Camp Manila, I felt a bit “inggit”.

Look, you get a whole lot of information to help you in your freelance career and avoid all the mistakes I made. You can even network with credible and experienced freelancers!

How much?

freelance camp manila 2014
If you compare these rates to my personal wasted P30,000, it’s dirt-cheap, right?

What if you can attend Freelance Camp Manila – for free?

Because I love my readers – and because Learning Curve loves you too – I’ll be giving away 3 FREE tickets to the Freelance Camp Manila this October 18, 2014.

freelance camp manila 2014

What do you need to do to win this?

Ready, set, go! 🙂 I look forward tor reading your comments!



Thank you to everyone who made Freelance Camp Manila 2014 a huge success. Congratulations to the winners also!

I am privileged to be one of the mentors during the event.

Until next year!


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