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First Day in Osaka, Dotonbori – Lianne at Leisure

Last night, I dreamt of train stations in Japan. 

That dream made me want to go back in time and reminisce my latest trip to Japan – from May 20-24 of this year. It made me miss the train, the long walks I needed, the polite people I’ve talked to and of course, the yummy food I’ve eaten during my trip. 

Now, going to Osaka was the same. Pero pinakaimportante talaga dito ay ang pagkain. Lol.

After checking into my accommodation, I freshened up and headed to go to Dotonbori, also known as Japan’s Kitchen, or Lianne’s Greatest Weakness. 

On the way there, here’s what I saw: 

And that’s why I would always love Japan. Just look at how comfortably stylish – and innovative! – the Japanese are. When I first saw this, I smiled in amusement. Super cute ang bikes nila. 

Naturally, my smiles just grew wider the moment I reached Dotonbori. 

This ad for a “relaxation club” caught my attention. Why would you want to go and relax in Dotonbori – Japan’s Kitchen? 

Now this. 

This is what Dotonbori is all about. 

The gyoza wasn’t as big as it was in the picture though. 🙂 

I have a funny story that happened in this gyoza restaurant. They gave me the gyoza, and I told them in Japanese that I wanted to eat inside. 

And so they ushered me inside. 

I told them I wanted to order ramen too, so they gave me ramen. 

Since it was too crowded in the ground floor, I proceeded to go upstairs. 

Just when I was about to go up, one staff told me that I cannot go up because it’s for dine-in customers only. 

Shocked, and because I didn’t know what to do anymore, I told him in broken Japanese – “I have a friend. Upstairs. Friend. I have.” 

And he was like, “Whaaaaa? Friend?”

I said, “Yes. My friend’s upstairs. I eat there. I go up.”

And he just kept on repeating, “Friend? Uh, friend?” Then he looked at his partner, shrugged, and smiled at me like, what the heck, just go up. 

Lol. In my embarrassment, I ordered coke to go with the gyoza just so I could sit upstairs. 🙂 

Japan, May 2016 Series: 

First Day in Osaka, Dotonbori – Lianne at Leisure

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