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[Financially Free Filipino] Jessie F Naysay Jr.

The Wise Living’s advocacy?

Finance: Money management, investing, and financial consultations 🙂

Freedom: Travelling, lifestyle and events

Fulfillment: Giving back to the community and to organizations who are close to my heart.

And our vision statement? Financially free Filipinos, one family at a time.

It is because of this advocacy that I decided to dedicate a series on featuring my own clients – ordinary Filipinos who are committed to achieving extraordinary feats for their families’ future: a financially free lifestyle.

In today’s blog post, we’ll be talking to Jessie, a hardworking seaman who dearly loves his family.

1. What’s your idea of financial freedom, Jessie?

“My idea about Financial freedom is not about having a lot of money, Lianne.

It’s about freedom to be who you really are and to do what you really want in life.

Financial freedom means to take control of the situation when it comes handling money and time.”

And I agree with Jessie on this. After all, financial freedom is expressed differently by every person but there’s always a universal concept: you don’t need to worry about tomorrow’s expenses because you’re already managing your money well and depending on passive income.

2. Why did you get life insurance? What motivated you to start?

“I got a life insurance to secure the future of my family especially in my line of work as a seafarer.

We are not really sure when God will call us and when we will leave this world.

My motivation is my daughter. I want to give her a good future.”

Your daughter is a lucky girl to have you as her father. 🙂

3. If you could give an advise to your younger self, what would it be?

“I will give an advice to myself to keep investing while there is time and I have a capacity to work.

So in the future, I will not rely on my children. Instead, I will enjoy the fruit of my hard-earned money.”


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