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Exploring Doha, Qatar (Part 1) – Lianne at Leisure

“I saw, I ate, I conquered…”

In today’s blog post, I’ll be starting a new mini-series entitled “Lianne at Leisure” to talk about my recent travel experiences – either by myself or with my loved ones. Why?

I want to re-experience what I experienced and once again feel the inexplicable joy that comes from the rush of exploring places, learning about different cultures and teasing my palate with a variety of cuisines.

And let’s be honest – I don’t want to feel the frustration I felt when all my Japan pictures were accidentally deleted and I was only able to upload 10 pictures. Lol.

Anyway, keep in mind that these “Lianne at Leisure” posts will be picture-heavy, so proceed at your own risk. 🙂
Upon arriving at Doha, Qatar, papa was very excited about us visiting them so he immediately suggested that we go to a sushi buffet.

Being the Japanholic that I am, though, I agreed!

It is with great shame for me to admit that I managed to gobble up around 15 plates or more of sushi… Ayoko masayang ang pera, okay.

The next day, we asked for something more “in tune” with the country’s cuisine, so our parents took us out for shawarma!

Look at this majestic tower near the Villagio Mall. It’s so breath-taking to look at! 🙂

Of course, the mall’s interiors are equally, if not, more shocking to look at…

It was also my first time to eat at a Häagen-Dazs cafe inside the mall. Obviously, it required the obligatory family selfie.

You know what I was pleasantly surprised about Qatar? It’s this – they give you free food during traffic, unlike here in Manila where they ask for free food. I mean, it’s a marketing tactic, but still!


Have you been to Qatar already? Stay tuned for part two!


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