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4 Reasons to Earn Money

Money – what’s the big deal with it anyway? 

Dough. Bread. Cheddar. Cabbage. Lettuce. 

What do all these items have in common? 

No, these aren’t the items in my grocery list!

That’s right – today, we’ll be talking all about our reasons for earning money. 

earning money why do we need to earn money
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My intention in producing this post is to help motivate you into earning money – without feeling guilty, without being lazy and without practicing procrastination! 

I desire for you to earn money for God, for you, for your loved ones and for the needy people just because! 

Feeling excited yet? Let’s get started! 

I’m not sure exactly what your motivations are, but for me, the following reasons are my main drivers. Maybe you can learn from these and consider them as benchmarks instead: 


earning money why do we need to earn money
Hmm… I should have saved for this!

I want to ensure that when we need money at the time of crisis, we will never have a hard time obtaining it. I don’t want to desperately search for it when I’m stuck in an emergency! I want it to be available when I need it. 

Medical-related emergencies aren’t really emergencies – everyone is bound to get sick at some point! Therefore, we should save up for it when it happens.

Do you really want to experience the pain of discharging your unwell father from the hospital just because you can’t afford to pay for his recovery? 


I want to provide for my and my family’s needs. I love myself and I most certainly love my family – I don’t want them to live a life of scarcity. 

We all need food, clothing, shelter, warmth and good health – do yourself and your loved ones a favor by providing them these needs. 

You most certainly don’t want your cute little brother to starve to death…

Or your lovely mother to die from thirst…

Or your handsome father to suffer from extreme heat stroke…



Earning Money: Why do we need to earn money?
It’s never too late to travel and see the world!
I want to give the best life to my family and loved ones. I want them to experience different cultures, taste exotic dishes, travel to various countries and to get inspiration from breath-taking scenes.

Life is too short to limit our experiences. 


I want, I desire and I thirst to give back to God and to His community. I take pride in giving back to charity, donating time and resources to non-profit organizations and helping unfortunate people live their lives better. 

I believe that God doesn’t judge us based on our appearances, our material wealth, our loved ones or our income.

He judges us based on through our actions and through our hearts instead. He judges us based on how we treat others

“And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” – Matthew 25:40

Why do you earn money? Let me know by commenting – I’d love to chat with you! 

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Live wisely,

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