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Do These 3 Mini Habits That Can Change Your Life For The Better

You’d love to change for the better.

But with all the stress of your work, all the traffic in EDSA, all the riveting TV shows to watch and all the new glamorous restaurants to watch out for and spend time for?

You couldn’t be bothered.

After all, you still need to save up, line up, buy that drink and collect That One Planner, don’t you? 🙂

You couldn’t be bothered to improve your life just yet!

Why Super Habits Fail

We’ve all heard of variations of this advice before:

– Make saving a habit.
– Exercise daily.
– Eat fruits and veggies.
– Meditate.

But we all have a hard time following them, don’t you think so?

Kung ayaw mo aminin, ako aamin na ako. In the past year, I’ve started several habits that I have failed to continue consistently.


The reason why you and I successfully fail at developing new habits is because it requires a whole lot of willpower.

When you’re tired, do you think you can still do a 30-minute workout?

When your boss just yelled at you, is it possible to medidate for 1 hour?

When you just had 3 client meetings, finished 2 reports and took care of your baby, can you actually muster the enough willpower to start writing your book?

You can’t.

And this is why Mini Habits are important.

What are Mini Habits?

Mini Habits are those small things you can do today to make a difference in your life.

They give your brain the bait to think “Oh, this is so easy. I can do that.”

Small changes can count. As long as you do these mini habits without fail.

3 Mini Habits You Can Do Today

1. 3-minute simple exercise

Instead of your 30-minute workout which requires a whole lot of planning and scheduling, you can do this 3-minute simple exercise at home, at the office or everywhere!

Go up and down the stairs for 3 minutes.

Your brain would think, “Akyat baba lang ako habang nakikinig sa isang kanta. Ang dali!”

Do this consistently for 21 days first, and then increase it to 4 minutes gradually.

2. Write 1 page a day.

I’m trying to do this mini habit in preparation for my next book. So far, I’ve done 3 pages more than the intended 1 page per day.

The key here is to get going.

Trick your brain into thinking, “Isa lang pala. Kaya yan!””

If you’re not interested in writing a book, you can change this into a passion of your choice.

Bake one cookie a day.

Write one line of song a day.

Choreograph a 10-second part of your dance.


3. Save P100 a month.

“Create this one habit, and you have a success. This is a foundation, a first step, to build on.

Then you can do a second, and a third, but you can’t do those without a first.

Don’t change your entire life. Just change this one little thing. You’d be amazed how much that matters. I was.” – Leo Babauta, ZenHabits

Forget all the challenges that you know.

If you want a foolproof plan that can help you actually save something – start with saving P100 a month.

Save P100 a month and put it towards your emergency fund.

Is it stupidly simple?

That’s the point.

It’s so simple because, really, P100 a month savings?

Some people scoff at P100 because nowadays, saan aabot ang P100 mo?

It’s a short cup of coffee, or a small serving of appetizer in restaurants. Nababalewala na ang P100 mo.

Bakit hindi mo subukang patulugin muna sa bangko mo? At least you’re getting started.

At the end of the year, P1,200 saved is still better than P0.

And if you really love yourself, you won’t be contented with just P100 a month, right?

But just try P100 a month for 3 months. And then, make it P150 a month after and learn to do this consistently, too.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to start saving your money, this is it.

You move a mountain by picking up the small stones first.

Start these mini habits today.

Your tomorrows will be a lot better if you do.


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