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Why Did I Cut Off My Cable?

According to the book, “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” by Ramit Sethi, focusing on the big wins and cutting mercilessly on the ones that you don’t really place a particular value on is much better rather than spending your energy in cutting back everything else.

I agree.

So upon reading his book, I wanted to take action.

I started with my cable subscription.

I would prefer dining out than cable TV.

Here is what I mean:

I don’t care about electricity. The only electricity I use are my computer’s charging time, phone’s charging time and my internet connection’s plug-in. I don’t use the electric fan and I don’t watch TV. I don’t need lighting when I read because I can read e-books without light and I try to do most of my work in the morning.

Also, I don’t really give any value to our cable subscription. I don’t think my family cares about it that much, too. My mother almost usually watches the local channels while my little brother watches anime in the internet.

My grandparents watch local channels, too, though sometimes they watch sports and HBO.

And me? I don’t even watch TV, let alone cable TV, so what’s the deal here?

We used to pay around P800.00 for a subscription which we don’t really optimize!

Now, I must admit that I became serious about cutting down cable when I was tasked to pay for it by my parents. On top of cable, I pay the electric bill, too, so I’m very much meticulous with these two areas. 🙂

I immediately went to SKY Cable’s website and found a plan that is suitable for my family’s needs. Instead of the SKY Cable Silver, I wanted to downgrade the service to SKY Cable 499. (Actually, I desired the SKY Cable 280 but my mother said we should do a test run first).

I called their hotline 631-000 and after 15 minutes, our subscription was downgraded just like that!

Now I have more funds for my big wins which are dining out and movies. 🙂

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