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Cibo at Rockwell Powerplant Mall (Food Review)

There we were at Rockwell; we were looking for somewhere to eat our lunch. We had just finished watching “Praybeyt Benjamin” and we were utterly famished. We needed to eat something. Fast.

We strolled around the mall and decided to go eat somewhere else for a change. The long line of restaurants located on the ground floor has already bored us. We wanted a different choice.

And so we found Cibo.

We were immediatrely greeted by their friendly staff. I was surprised to see that the interiors of this establishment are very sleek in its conceptualization. Everything looked modern and chic.

We ordered pasta first. As I said, we were famished because we haven’t eaten our lunch yet and it was already 3 in the afternoon! We started with their Linguine alla Ghiotta (P298.00). I ordered it on the top off my head as I immediately spotted cream and mushroom, and frankly, who could resist that?

We felt that the presentation somewhat lacked a bit in this dish. It did not look that appetizing at first glance. Maybe more garnish was needed? Nevertheless, it was actually quite good! The creaminess of it was found at the bottom of the plate.

Next was my little brother’s Costolette D’Agnello (P420.00) which was basically grilled lamb chop, red wine mint sauce and parsley rice pilaf.

Now this! This is what appetizing looks like. I couldn’t help it – I grabbed one lamb chop (to the protest of LJ) and immediately bit it. It tasted like heaven! The meat was tender and the sauce was juicy. It was simply magical.

Mama’s choice was the Lombatine di Maiale (P320.00) which consisted of roast pork chop, mango marmellata sauce and parsley rice pilaf.

Maybe I was just used to the taste of pork as I didn’t find this that special at all. One pork chop was more tender than the other. Mama loved it, though, as she just came back from Qatar. She finished this as if she hasn’t eaten in the past 5 days! 😀

We all washed the food down with their Limone (P78.00) or lemon iced tea with fresh mint leaves.

The presentation was rather deceiving. We thought we were being served root beer! I loved the taste of this one – it was sweet and tangy at the same time.

And who couldn’t forget dessert? Torta di Carota-Salsa di Formaggio (P168.00)

I loved the fact that they didn’t slather the cream cheese on the cake! I was watching what I was eating so this was particularly important for me. The cake was yummy – not too sweet and not too bland.

Have you been to Cibo?

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