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Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: Roast Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli (Food Review)

Today, we’ll talk about Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf‘s heavenly Roast Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli. Why? Because it’s raining – and because we can.

CBTL Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Roast Chicken & Mushroom Fusilli
Coffee Bean’s Roast Chicken & Mushroom Fusilli

I think that it was such an ironic happening that the minute I was able to post my thoughts regarding Emergency and Blackout Preparation, a blackout did happen.

And so for 11 am of September 27 until right now, 12 pm of September 28, we have no electricity at our home.

I love it here at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf!

Now you might think that I am having another Starbucks addiction, but I can assure you that that is not the case at all! (Denial much?)

We are enjoying ourselves here and we are not pressured to buy lots of foods and the like. My mom and I planned to stay for a long time so we bought one Regular Green Tea Latte, one Regular Chai Tea Latte and one Roast Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli.

It is a good thing that I was able to purchase a Swirl card last September 26. Why? Because right now, I am using the free wi-fi here at CBTL Bonifacio High Street with my mother.

We initially went here to be able to charge our gadgets. I hated having nothing to do while a blackout is happening. And so because the weather has finally improved a bit, we went here.

The Roast Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli was awesome, really. I love the creamy yet unbelievably light flavor of the sauce. The sweet red pepper complemented the overall taste of the dish. The fusilli was al dente and I think that I would continue craving for it.

Have you tried CBTL’s yummy pasta yet?

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