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Attend the No Nonsense Personal Finance Conference, FOR FREE!

Surely you’ve heard of the No Nonsense Personal Finance Conference already? 

If not yet, then what are you still waiting for? 

You’re already in your late twenties, or maybe early thirties or -gasp!- late forties. 

Have you prepared for retirement yet?

No Nonsense Personal Finance Conference

If your boss calls you and tells you you’re fired right now, can you handle it or will you spend the rest of your life plotting for revenge? 

If you had no one left to borrow money from, can you still survive?

If a “businesswoman who’s filthy rich” suddenly allegedly steals all the tax money in the Philippines – leaving you with only your savings and your investment accounts – can you still make it through a year?

Stop doubting yourself.

Start doing something. 

Right now, your initial investment for this valuable event ranges from P500 to P1,800. 

But if you’re a The Wise Living reader, you can attend the conference for free. 

That’s right! Mr. Randell Tiongson, the most sought-after personal finance expert, has generously given 4 tickets to be given to 4 amazing readers. 

What do you need to do to get a ticket to financial freedom? Just join the raffle below! 
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You can even get a free copy of my “12-Step Guide to be a 20-SOMETHING MILLIONAIRE BOOK”.

That’s two free items in one blog post! 

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Live wisely,

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