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Japan Visa Guide: Japan Tourist Visa Application For Filipinos in 3 Easy Steps

Japan Tourist Visa Application: 3 Easy Steps 
In celebration of my recently obtained Japan tourist visa, I’ve decided to make this simple blog post to educate my fellow Filipinos in getting their own. Read on! 🙂 
Apply and Get Your Japanese Tourist Visa in the Philippines: Japan Visa Application
Step 1: Find out what Japan Visa type you need 
This blog post is for Japan tourist visa application. For your reference, there are actually a lot of Japanese visa types. Aside from the tourist visa, some of them are: 

  • Visit Relatives
  • Distant Relatives
  • Visit Friends
  • Multiple-Entry Visa
  • Re-Entry Permit
  • Application with Certificate of Eligibility
  • Foreign Passport Holders
  • For Spouse of a Japanese National (Temporary Visit)
  • Relatives/Friends invited by US Military Personnel (SOFA Status)
  • For Commercial Purposes
  • To attend Conference by Private/Public Organization
  • For Transit

Please know that every visa type has different requirements, so before anything else, be sure to ask your chosen accredited agency for confirmation. 

Step 2: Complete the necessary requirements for your Japan tourist visa application 
For your Japan tourist visa, here are the requirements. Make sure you collect them all first before going to the agency. Otherwise, it’ll be a hassle to go back and forth: 
1. Your Philippine Passport 
– Don’t tamper with your passport. 
– It must be valid 6 months prior to your travel date. 
– It must have your signature and at least two (2) blank pages. 
2. Filled Out Visa Application Form 
Download the form here. I recommend you edit this using your computer so you can submit it in print form. 
3. Photo (4.5 cm x 4.5 cm with white background) 
– I took my photo via Picture City in Waltermart Makati for P100. Ask for their Japan Visa package. 
– Do NOT staple your photo on the form. It should be pasted or glued instead. 
4. Original NSO Birth Certificate 
If you can’t be bothered to line up and waste a lot of time in obtaining your birth certificate for your Japan tourist visa application, you can just request online thru NSO Help Line. 
Your original birth certificate costs P350 (along with the delivery). I requested on a Friday and it was delivered on Tuesday next week. You can even pay using your own debit/prepaid card. 
5. If applicable – Original NSO Marriage contract
6. Your Daily Schedule in Japan or the Itinerary of your Stay 
For you to get a sample itinerary, you can download this Word format here.
This is a sample of what I submitted. See how OC I am? 
Apply and Get Your Japanese Tourist Visa in the Philippines: Japan Visa Application
7. Original Bank Certificate 
There is no fixed amount, but you need to be able to show the Embassy that you can fund your vacation during your stay in Japan. 
To give you an idea, I asked the agency how much amount should I consider. The agent said that for a 5-day Japan trip, P100,000 in your bank account is a good start. 
8. Original & Photocopy Income Tax Return Form 2316/1700/1701/1702 
Since I’m self-employed, I readily have the original Form 1701 with me. 
For employees, you may request your Form 2316 through your HR department. 
9. Additional Supporting Documents 
According to Embassy of Japan, you’re responsible in ensuring that you meet the requirements for the grant of visa. 
So, you’re encouraged to submit any supporting documents not listed above! 
In my case, I submitted the additional documents: 

  • Cover Letter listing everything I submitted and explaining that I’m going to Japan to do sight-seeing and to watch a concert by Lead
  • Past Philippine passportshowing my travel experiences
  • Affiliation certificatewith Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) as a licensed financial advisor 
  • Certificate of Registration(Form 2303) registered in BIR as a self-employed writer
  • Sun Life mutual funds investment Statement of Account, Current Debit Card Transactions and also with Stocks Investments Certification as additional proof of income 
  • Confirmed Plane ticket booking
  • Copy of Lead Concert Ticket (August 23, 2014) together with Official Digital Copy of Lead Concert Announcement with copies of my personal Lead merchandise collection. 

I told you I’m OC! Then again, it’s better to give everything you’ve got rather than to regret it in the future, right? 
Step 3: Submit all your Japan tourist visa application form to your chosen accredited agency 
Here are the accredited agencies you can choose from. (List of Accredited Agencies)
Personally, I went with Universal Holidays in Dusit Thani Hotel (Makati). 
My application was submitted on Thursday around 4 pm. 
By next Tuesday around 4 pm, I already got an SMS and an email notification that my passport is ready for pick-up. 

Thank God. Banzai!!! 

Total Cost for Japan Tourist Visa Application
Price (Philippine Peso)
Photo (Japan Visa package)
Original NSO Certificate with delivery
Original Bank Certificate
Stocks Investment Certificate
Universal Holidays Japan Visa Application (*Promo)

How was your application for Japan tourist visa? 
Also, do you guys have any Tokyo spots recommendations I should visit? 
Leave a comment below and I’d be happy to get back to you! 🙂

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