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Eduardo O. Roberto, Jr.: Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin (Book)

There I was again in my search of personal finance books, preferably by Filipino authors. I was browsing around Fully Booked when I encountered this amazing booklet. Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin. This looks practical, I said to myself. And then I saw the price and did a double take:

Fifty pesos? Really?

ang pera na hindi bitin eduardo roberto
Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin is such a practical guide!

Without further adieu, I got the book and marched out of the establishment.

After paying for it, of course! What do you expect?

The title caught my eye as I have already heard of the title before. I remember a lot of people recommending this book to me, and frankly, I would also recommend this book to other Filipinos who would like to embark on the wonderful road of financial freedom.

Eduardo O. Roberto, Jr. listed seven (7) strategies or steps toward financial stewardship. These are the following:

1. Save Money

It is better to save or to be able to “pay yourself first” before even paying bills and the like. To resist the temptation to spend, opt for an automatic savings method and make sure that your savings account will not have an ATM card.

Personally, I believe in this. There were times wherein I wanted to withdraw my emergency fund and just splurge. Thank God it didn’t have an ATM card or else I would have been regretting that decision by now.

2. Give Money

I started to also allot some of my money, specifically 10% of it, for tithing. Tithing means giving back to the house of the Lord. “Giving back” because everything that we own is a property of God. Being generous with a cheerful heart is wonderful.

I love doing it since I know that I can help them. I feel richer as well if I know that I am able to extend a hard towards the needy.

3. Get out of debt.

I am very thankful that I do not have a credit card. I currently do not owe anyone any money, except the 25 pesos from my little brother, I guess. (Update: I haven’t paid him yet, hm.)

4. Live simply.

I am an advocate of this. Being frugal for me just means enjoying the basic things in life: less hassle and more relaxation.

5. Start a business.

I haven’t quite gone here yet but I loved the fact that the author listed many sources for ordinary people to be able to get resources regarding starting a business.

6. Invest your money.

I think that investing should be made known to Filipinos. Reckless investing is a no-no of course. Learn more about the investment company before deciding to entrust your money to them.

7. Educate others about money management.

This is also another type of investment. Investing in yourself is one of the smartest moves that you could do. Read a book, attend a seminar, do your research. Because at the end of the day, your greatest investment is yourself.

Overall, I loved the book. The writing style of the author was easy to comprehend and the points were really basic. Quoting some Biblical passages was a great move, too, as I felt like the Bible was also speaking to me through the author’s insights.

I finished the book in one sitting and I believe that a lot of people would also be able to do so since this booklet is compact, concise and straight to the point. It has the correct amount of humor and practicality that Filipinos are known for.

I am proud to be a Filipino citizen. Are you?

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