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7 Basic Personal Finance Tips for Every Filipino

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If there’s something students should have also been taught in school, it’s personal finance management. 

Personal Finance Tips for Every Filipino

You see, it’s common knowledge that lots of Filipinos find themselves indebted to banks and agencies due to credit card bills, mortgages, and other types of loans. 

While irresponsibility plays a part, it can also be said that this is mostly the result of lack of proper financial education and information. Not all of us have formal education in the field of finance, but most of us are looking for a fresh start in our personal finances. 

Realize your financial goals by taking the following reminders to heart: 

1) Live below your means. Living within your means is a good thing, but it might not always be enough. Live below your means if you want to really see results. Learn to spend much less than what you earn and save your money for things that really matter. 

Start a savings account even if you think you can’t possibly save, what with your expenses and your current salary—because the truth is, you can. 

2) Budget your time. Spend your time wisely and focus on being more productive. Think of idle time as money lost. 

Being idle also increases the tendency for you to make impulsive buying decisions. Random visits to the mall or online window shopping may cost you more money than you might think.

3) Curb your bad habits. It will surprise you how seemingly little things you like to spend on can actually cost you a lot of money—money you could have used for more important expenses. It could be a pack of cigarettes, a new comic book, or a pair of designer shoes. 

Knowing you can’t really just drop your “vices” overnight, try setting up a rewards system. Only allow yourself such privileges when you achieve a financial goal or feel like they are well-earned.

4) Pay your bills on time. Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar—give the banks or your utility service providers what you owe them. Don’t postpone, and don’t pretend your bills don’t exist. 

Always delaying or missing payments can turn into a bad habit that you should best avoid. It can also reflect negatively on your credit history.

5) Aim to be debt-free. Everyone dreams of being rich, but as Harvey Specter from Suits says: “I don’t have dreams. I have goals.” Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. 

If you are deep in debt, then your main goal should be to become debt-free. Develop a realistic plan to meet that goal. 

For starters, you can resolve to always pay above the minimum to prevent your credit balance from growing. 

6) Always save for a rainy day. You don’t need a reason to save money. For as long as you have money to spend, you can always set aside a few notes or coins. The future is rather 
unpredictable and you best be prepared in case of emergencies and unexpected expenses. 

7) Stay focused. It’s easy to forget about your financial goals, especially when you’ve just received your salary. 

Never postpone your saving plan; start this very payday and continue saving and budgeting until it becomes a habit. Always think thrice before you make a purchase. Carry a copy of your budget plan to remind yourself of your goals at all times. 

By remembering to save, learning to manage your spending, and staying focused on your goal, you can definitely look forward to a brighter financial future. 

Think of money as powerful instrument. You should manage and control it, not the other way around.

Fired up to manage your money yet? Contact your trusted financial advisor (or me! 🙂 ) to help you get started. 

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