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6 Easy Frugal Money Tips To Help You Save Money For Your Next Trip

These frugal money tips are easy.

Why? How? When? Where? What makes me say this?

It’s because you’re going to have a motivation for your savings. You won’t save just for the heck of it – you’re supposed to save because you want to set aside a portion of your income for future use.

Frugality is all about determining your priorities.

For example, my top three priorities are:

Dining out, travelling and great health

So I splurge on these three.

But on anything else, I cut back because I simply have no care for them!

To give you an idea, here’s how I personally save money by being frugal:

1. Invest in one high-quality clothing of your choice and get one every three months.

My friends, you don’t need to go to every sale that you see! Hindi mo ba napapansin? It seems like every time there’s a long weekend or there’s Pay Day Friday, the malls automatically have their own sales!

If that item isn’t really what you need, then don’t buy it.

Be honest: Will you still want that dress if it’s not 70% off?

Savings: P1,000 a month (assuming you spend this per month on items on sale that you didn’t even really prioritize)

2. Sell your unimportant stuff.

For every item of clothing that you buy, you should sell an old clothing to have more space in your closet.

You can dedicate at least one day per month to set up a garage sale in your neighborhood. Here’s how I did it.

5 Tips to Have a Successful Garage Sale

If this isn’t your style, you can easily sell them by posting on your social media profiles, or even on classified ads online.

Savings: P500

3. Cut your cable.

Did I cut my cable? Yes, I cut my cable plan.

Cutting your cable is an easy P600 savings every month!

AlDub is on YouTube.

Western television shows are on Cucirca.

Anime streaming websites are all over the place.

English-subbed interviews of your Kpop and Jpop idols are online.

With all the internet-based subscription plans, and all the free streaming services all over the world, what do you need your cable for?

Savings: P600 a month

4. Never order drinks when eating out.

I do love eating out. But I always make it a point to just ask for house water/service water or simply bring my own water tumbler when I’m going out.

It’s okay to pay for the food because this is the main event that I want to experience, but the extra that I’m supposed to pay for the drinks? It’s not worth it.

Ipapangtulak mo lang ng pagkain ‘yan.

You won’t even get to enjoy it on its own! Just get water, please.

You won’t be paying for quality – you’ll only be paying for the drink’s presentation. With this in mind, practice the art of staring at the waitress and smiling politely while saying “Can you give us three glasses of house water for the drinks? Thanks.” with the aura of a millionaire.

Practice at home!

You save on the calories too!

Savings: P300 a month (If you dine out four times a month and order a drink priced at P75)

5. Take stock of what is left in your pantry before even writing out a grocery list.

People waste a lot of good food every year. The statistics vary per country, but the thought is the same – you’re throwing money away by throwing out spoiled or uneaten food.

To prevent this from happening, check your kitchen’s storage and list down the food items that you still have.

Still have a bunch of veggies? Stir-fry them and consume before even hitting the grocery store.

Your mangoes are nearing spoilage? Peel them, cut them and make a mango smoothie for consumption later.

Savings: at least P100 a month (Last time I checked, three yogurt cups that I bought were uneaten and expired. Sayang.)

6. Always order the smallest size.

As I’ve said, I actually love enjoying life and dining out, too. I’m not an alien. 🙂

I just found a way to save money while indulging myself.

It’s SUPER secret!

Ready for this?

When going to coffee shops, always opt for the smallest size that they have.

If you’re just going there to chill with your loved ones, to take selfies or to read a book, just get the smallest size possible. It’s not going to end the world.

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With Starbucks, you can order the Short size (8 oz) which is cheaper than their Tall size (12 oz)

Sure, they’ll tell you there’s only a 10-peso difference, but that 10-peso spent every day for thirty days is already P300!

Also, the difference between a grande-sized beverage and a tall-sized one may be sixty calories or so.

Think about that.

Savings: P300 a month


How do you save money while savoring life’s luxuries at the same time?


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