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6 Affordable Graduation Gifts Below Php 1000

(This is a guest post from one of my friends from Money Max PH. MoneyMax is the Philippines’ foremost online platform for comparing financial and telecom products and services – fast, comprehensive, and free. Find out more about them here. Thanks for sharing, friends!)

The time of reckoning is nigh—graduation season is coming this March! It’s going to be a more awesome day to commemorate this day by giving a special gift they will treasure from that day onward.

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Best of all, you don’t have to drain your credit card (or prepaid card) dry, empty out your savings, or spend more than a thousand pesos just to buy the best gift:

1. A Budgeting App
If you’re considering how to help the new graduates after college, this idea is definitely the way to go. Encouraging better personal finance management is always a smart move. Try iReconcile or MoneyBook—both cost $2.99 at the app store individually. You can also buy MyWalletfor $1.99 instead.

For a free app, Ya!man is also highly recommended.
2. A Power Bank
A portable power bank is a necessity, especially if your graduates find a job that requires them to travel. You wouldn’t have to worry about losing communication if you know their smartphones are always fully charged. These are prized for as low as Php 580-799 in reputable online sellers — and definitely worth the money.

3. A Parker Pen
It’s classy, simple, and it means business! You can get the Classic Parker Series: Stainless Steel Chrome Trim for Php700.The Black Radial is only for Php600. If you want something engraved on the pen, you can get the Parker IM Pens for Php 950.

If you shop online, it’ll take 2-3 business days within Metro Manila and 4-5 business days outside Manila. Each ink refill only costs Php 150.
4. Personalized Business Cards
After getting your graduate’s contact details, you can now gift a business card set they will definitely love. This is perfect for networking-related jobs, or field work, or simply while job-hunting. You can get business card sets (100 pieces) printed for as low as Php 198.00 at or get ones with QR Codes with your contact details from
5. A Box of Office Essentials
This would probably be one of the last times you’d be giving your graduates their “back-to-work” stuff. Get a small container and fill it with Post-Its, pens, markers, scotch tape, and a file box. You can also throw in a small first aid kit, and a pack of travel essentials like a small bar of soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, along with eating utensils, and tissue.
6. Family Heirlooms
Probably the most priceless item on this list is giving your graduates family heirlooms. These are ‘free’ in a way—you didn’t buy them, after all. This could be a piece of jewelry, or a watch. Transitioning from being a student into an independent adult is definitely a milestone that should be rewarded by something as valuable as this.

BONUS: Personal Finance and Self Development Books
I would definitely recommend the following books:
  • No Nonsense Personal Finance by Randell Tiongson
  • 12 Steps to Build Wealth On Any Income by Alvin Tabanag
  • Start Something by Yeng Remulla
As an extra bonus (bonus bonus?), if you’re not that keen on spending money yet, you can simply give them this page so they can get a free ebook. You’re welcome!


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