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5 Things to Include in Your Routine this 2014

Happy New Year, friends! I’ve decided to start the year right by writing about routines.

How’s your routine this 2014?

52 week money challenge
Break free of the usual resolutions! (Image Source)

Mine needs a bit of a make-over.

If you’re an avid Rappler reader, you might have read a post I made about money routines. This one’s more focused on the overall wellness, not just on financial matters.

In the past, I used to do vague resolutions like, “I’ll lose more weight!” or “I’ll save more money!” or “I’ll wake up earlier!” but at the end of the year, nothing has changed!


It’s because I wasn’t dedicated enough. I wasn’t specific with my goals.

And because let’s face it: cakes are delicious.

Now, I’ve learned my lesson. Instead of making resolutions, I’ll include significant items in my everyday routine.

You’re sincerely encouraged to try this approach, too.

The great part about this practice is that it won’t force you to make extreme changes in your life.

Conversely, this 2014 routine will transform you to be the person you want to be by making small but significant changes.

How do you remember these five items?

Just stick with 15.

1. Every Saturday, save at least P150towards your emergency fund.

The year 2014 has 52 Saturdays. If you manage to successfully complete this tip, your emergency fund will be P7,800 richer.

This seems like a spin off the famous 52-week money challenge but this one is simpler and more consistent.

The amount is the same every week. The habit of saving is formed because you’ll do this regularly. And you won’t need to worry about looking for money when the -ber months (the months where you tend to spend more) come rolling in.

I don’t know about you, but I’d take P7,800 over P0 every day!

Now, this amount can either be your initial investment for your mutual fund account or for your VUL insurance + investment account.

2. Every morning, wake up 15 minutes earlierthan your usual wake-up time.

My morning routineusually starts at 04:30 in the morning. For the year 2014, I’ll try waking up at 04:15 am instead.

Why wake up earlier? So that you’ll have more time for:

– meditating
– organizing your to-do list
– making breakfast
– writing on your Life Journal
– prioritizing; or,
– fixing your work clothes, among others.

If you leave earlier, you may even manage to avoid the morning rush. Less stress, less hassle and less headaches equal a happy day, after all.

3. Every morning, work out for 15 minutes.

This is where losing weight comes in, friends.

Dedicate at least fifteen minutes for you to exercise. This is only 3 songs, you know.

You’re not required to do a set amount of push-ups, sit-ups or crunches. Do whatever routine works for you.

You can dance, run, kick or even speed-walk! Be sure to sweat, okay?

4. Every evening, put P15to your Tithe Jar.

Once it’s full, hand over your Tithe Jar to a charitable organization that feeds your spiritual hunger.

52 week money challenge

It can be a religious organization like your local church or it can also be a non-profit organization like EGF.

The point here is that you’re giving help from the top of your heart. Don’t worry too much about the amount – what matters is that you do this regularly.

5. Do small 150s of that thing that you’ve been putting off for a while now.

Want to start a novel/blog post/research paper? Write at least 150 words per day! It won’t be started without you.

Want to open your own investment account? Spend 15 minutes talking to a trusted financial advisor.

Want to have your own business? Read 15 pages of an entrepreneurial book every day or research for potential business opportunities for 15 minutes daily.

Want to learn how to cook? Start with doing 15-minute recipes.

Want to adapt a new language? Dedicate 15 minutes to read or memorize 15 words per day.

The key to this routine is to enable you to start.

You can’t finish something that you haven’t even started!

So go on, take these tips to heart and do them accordingly.

Comment here or email me if you need motivation.

We can do this together.

At the end of the year, a half-finished work is still better than a non-existent one.


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