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5 Romantic (and Frugal!) Dates for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, or Single Awareness Day, as some people refer to it, is viewed by most people as something that drains money out of their pockets faster than they can say “I love you”.

It is seen as a commercial holiday because some merchants rejoice in the fact that one-half of the couple is busy impressing the other half that stress and anxiety become prominent instead of love and warmth.

Fret no more, friends, because here are some ideas that will make you cuddly even if your pocket’s (barely) empty!

This was for my mama and little brother last Valentine’s!

1. Rent a movie.
Renting a movie is much cheaper than watching one at the cinema. Nowadays you can rent a VCD for P16.00 and a DVD for P18.00! Add lots of buckets of popcorn (P48.00) which you can pop yourself and a cuddle with your date. This is way better than cuddling in the cinema which can give you neck cramps. Also, you rid yourself of that person seated next to you in the cinema who either talks loudly or eats boisterously. Lots of cuddling and warm lovin’!

2. Cook at home together.
You and your love can make your own menu for the date. Keep it simple. One appetizer (a fresh fruit and veggie salad?), two entrees (one fish meal and one pasta?) and one dessert (cake, panna cotta, ice cream?). You can both bond and then learn more about each other in this way. You get to choose your own ingredients as well and skip being seated right in front of the bathroom in a crowded restaurant.

3. Forget fine dining – go fast food!
Maybe it’s just me but I find that going to fast foods is awesome. You get food with minimum money. If you’re really low on cash, why don’t you guys share instead? 😉 Plus, the more people there are, the more you have to concentrate your attention on your lover so it’s sweet for me. More noise blocks out you whispering sweet nothings to your love’s ear, too!

4. Go to the church. (This is optional though as other couples may not necessarily believe in religion. To each his own! 🙂 )
Okay you might be looking weirdly at me right now but think about it: nothing is more romantic than letting a girl know that you’re proud you’re with her so you’re even asking God to bless your relationship. This date just screams “respect!” and “sincerity!”. A girl loves someone who she knows can commit to their relationship.

5. Snuggle, read a book together and drink tea lattes.
This is something that I would personally want to do during Valentine’s day (or maybe everyday as well?) Sit there in comfortable silence without any pressure to impress your love. Maybe feed each other chocolate too?

Remember this: Valentine’s Day is not that special because you’re not supposed to show your love to your partner once a year, you’re supposed to do it every day.

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