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5 Reasons Why I’m Saving Up For Paris Next Year

In the past, I treated Paris like a standard item that needs to be checked in my (not-so) bucket list just so I could say I truly lived. 

Everyone says you need to go to Europe. 

All the movies I’ve watched romanticized the idea of Paris, the fashion, the culture, the people – the food! 

Ask every millenial where they’d want to go to, if they had a chance, and there’s a 75.99% possibility that they’d include Paris in that list. 

Because I was fortunate enough to visit eight countries and I’ve visited some of them more than once, I decided that I’d save up for a Paris trip starting this year so I could get the chance to experience it next year. 🙂

Oh, Paris, why would I want to visit you? Let me count the ways: 

1. Paris’ work-life integration: 

I’m a fan of living the life you love and working on your passion. Because of this, I understand that whenever you’re caught up doing the job that you want to marry, you may be too engrossed to the point of overworking yourself, so you need to relax every once in a while. 

And in a city where the average employee clocks in only 35 working hours/week, I get the feeling that I’ll get my much needed relaxation here. 

No hurrying employees pushing me because they want to eat their lunch and go back to work as soon as possible. 

Fewer French people who will elbow me on the subway because they’re more relaxed.

And more fashionable Parisian men and women can be subjects of my people-watching activity with my favorite people – with hot chocolate, of course. 

In Paris, life is meant to be enjoyed and savored. Here, I feel like I can truly live in the present. 

2. Pastries 💖

When I go to Paris next year, I’d dedicate a whole day or two for a “pastry crawl”. I’d be so full from dessert that I’d be crawling the next day. Just kidding! (Or not…) 

Here, all the popular pastry spots will be included in my personal map and I’d eat a month’s worth of carbs in one day. 

Will I feel a bit sick after? Maybe.

But will it be a perfect afternoon? Definitely. 

3. Triple threat: bread, cheese & wine 

Naturally, everyone wants to visit Paris on a budget. This means booking cheap flights and trying out more affordable food options. 

No, I’m not interested in a €20 (P1,300+!) meal for lunch. 

Why would I spend P1,300+ when I can buy: 

– good bread for 2 (P150)
– 1/2 kg of amazing cheese (P520)
– 1 bottle of red table wine, good quality (P640) 

…for almost the same price? 

A picnic in the park for lunch would be much more amazing, wouldn’t it? 

When I visit Paris next year, I’d do this 70% of the time there. 

It would make my in-restaurant meals feel more luxurious. I’d only have them 30% of the time, so I won’t take them for granted. 

4. Parisian way of eating 💓

Speaking of eating, I love how the French treat their food as art: In Paris, you’re expected to take your time eating and savor your meal. 

I’m a fan of this. 

Compared to “busy” cities where I’ve been to, like Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong, where people rush through their meal because they’re always on-the-go, I’m more of a “live in the meal” type of person. 

Let me take a picture first! (Yes, I’m like that. Don’t judge me. 😀 I can feel you rolling your eyes!)

Oh wow, look at this presentation! 

How’s the texture?

The taste?

Is it one of the best meals I’ve had? Or would it be better if I stayed at home and binge-watched “Lie to Me” and cooked on my own instead? 

I wonder if they used a certain secret ingredient to make this taste better…

And then after enjoying it, I make sure to hang around in the restaurant for a while to spend more time with myself or with the people I love. 

5. It’s the City of Love 💕

The first step to this plan? I’ll book cheap flights to Paris within the year. 🙂

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