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4 Quick New Years Resolutions You Can Do Today To Lessen Your Spending And Save Your Money Wisely

Pinoys love quick and effective deals.

We love making New Years Resolutions, too.

So I thought, “What about making a blog post about New Year Resolutions that can actually be doable and effective over the long run?”

Quick and effective ways to lose weight? Count me in, they’d say.

Quick and effective ways to earn millions? Where do they sign up?

Quick and effective ways to achieve happiness and live the life you’ve always wanted? Come on, tell me the secret, they’d cry out.

Do you know what the problem with the phrase “quick and effective” is?

You can’t have both.

You have to choose – do you want the result to be “quick”? Or do you want it to be effective kahit matatagalan?

Take note of this before you continue reading:

These quick ways for you to save money that we’re going talk about today will only be effective if you do them all today and if you discipline yourself to follow through.


1. Define a specific financial goal for your savings.

I want you to look in the mirror and tell exactly why you want to save in the first place.

Don’t just say “emergency fund”. Say “I want to save so that if ever I lose my job right now, I won’t have trouble paying my bills and feeding my loving family.”

Don’t just say “travel”. Say “I’m saving so I can spend a glorious week in Tokyo where I can explore the sights, eat authentic ramen and make exciting memories that will last me a lifetime!”

Not sure what to say or do? Here’s my guide on establishing your Emotional Cause (EC) before doing anything else.

Remember – the intensity of your emotion can dictate the intensity of your dedication to your goal.

2. Spend only 1 hour/day on Facebook or Instagram.

Did you know that Filipinos who spend 2 hours or more browsing social networking sites such as Facebook or Instagram tend to spend less money than people who do?

I’m kidding: I just made that up.

But you believed it for a moment, didn’t you? :p

Here’s the real news, though – people who logged more Facebook time had more depressive symptoms.


Because you tend to compare yourself to those #blessed posts and #grateful pictures that you see your friends posting on Facebook.

And so you desperately spend money on different things just so you can feel happy again.

Your cousin got a brand new gadget? Off you go to the gadget shopping center to get your new toy – even if you didn’t really want it in the first place.

Your neighbor’s best friend’s taho vendor just earned P1,000,000 and bought himself a pair of luxurious Dr. Martens shoes? Ha! Edi pupunta ka din at bibili. Sus, dalawang buwang sweldo mo lang naman yun. Kayang-kaya, you tell yourself.

Your boss is in Seoul right now; he’s enjoying Winter Dream experience there, so you feel bitter because your visa was denied. You then book an impulsive trip to Vietnam (even though it’s not part of your bucket list…) just to feel good.

See the pattern here?

If you do, you need to vow to spend a limited amount of time in Facebook. If you also want to be more loving to yourself, feel free to click the “Hide this post” button. 🙂

3. Unsubscribe from online shopping mailing lists today.

You’ve experienced this too, haven’t you?

You’re just checking your email for work-related info, when suddenly, you receive several newsletters of “sale” or “hugely discounted items”.

May discount! Yes!

And so you head on over to their website. 5 minutes lang naman, you say.

And so you buy a few items. May discount naman, e…

What you don’t realize is this:

Go and hit that “unsubscribe” button now.

4. Remove your credit card information from your online account.

It’s so easy to do impulse shopping when all it takes is one click to secure your purchase.

Do yourself a huge favor and remove your credit card information from your online account.

This way, when it’s already time for a checkout, you’ll have more resistance to continue for your purchase.

Unless it’s really an item you hopelessly want, you won’t put too much of an effort in walking across the room, getting your wallet from your bag, obtaining your credit card and actually typing your information online.

Take advantage of your weakness! 🙂


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