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5 Everyday Items That Are MORE Expensive Than Opening A VUL Policy

Your life insurance is your “family dependency fund”.

You cannot insure life.

You really can’t. Why? It’s because all of us will be called by God in a point in our lives!

Well, then, what’s the sense of getting a life insurance policy as early as now?

Your family dependency fund:

– is not for you. It’s for your loved ones who depend on your income. Dependents don’t have to be children – they can be your spouse, parents, and siblings with special needs.

– helps to cover your final expenses and your debt. Even if you don’t have any dependents, you can still get at least the minimum VUL plan for your funeral expenses and payment of your loans.

Wag na tayo mag-iwan ng gastusin sa parents natin, please. Pagkatapos nila tayong itaguyod at palakihin, sila pa ba pagbabayarin natin ng final expenses natin?

– is cheaper and easier when you’re younger. If you can only afford term insurance now, then get it. You can convert to a VUL, so it’s okay. If you can only afford the minimum VUL coverage, then do so. You can add coverage in the future.

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How much does a VUL really cost?

When I went to conduct a free financial literacy seminar to my friends in Jesus Christ, The Name of God community, they expressed that they all want to start opening a VUL account – but the financial advisor they first met gave them proposals that they couldn’t afford.

Spending my Sunday afternoon feeding the minds of these amazing people of Jesus Christ, The Name of God community about…
Posted by Lianne Martha Maiquez Laroya on Sunday, 19 July 2015

To give you an idea, for Sun Maxilink Prime VUL (minimum), here are the premiums per year. If you are a:

– 25-year old, female, non-smoker: P16,800 per year
– 35-year old, male, smoker: P26,400 per year
– 45-year old female, non-smoker: P27,000 per year

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Get a VUL when you’re still young and healthy—it’s easier to get and less expensive.

What are 5 items that are more expensive than getting your own VUL account?

Remember, for a 25-year old female who doesn’t smoke, Sun Maxilink Prime is only P16,800 per year. This is roughly P1,400 per month only!

In simpler terms? It’s just as small as P47 per day.

1. Gourmet Coffee

Getting a tall cappuccino per day is P110 per day.

I know a 24-year old non-smoker woman who told me that she doesn’t want to get a VUL because it’s too expensive.

Pero na-complete nya ang Starbucks planner last year. 🙂

Monthly Cost: P2,750/month

2. Milk Tea

If you get a milk tea (the safe one!) without any sinkers, it’s P80 already.

I have nothing against milk tea. I actually love the Wintermelon Tea.

But make sure that you get a VUL first before consuming milk tea. Have you heard the news of someone who passed away because of it? Mahirap na.

Monthly Cost: P2,400/month

3. Cigarettes

A pack of cigarettes cost P60 daily.

Aside from the medical expenses that you may spend because you smoke, also consider the dangers of second-hand smoking that you are giving to your loved ones.

Not to mention also that cigarettes carry a higher price because it’s considered a “sin product”.

Monthly Cost: P1,800/month

4. Weekly buffets

Assuming you eat weekly at buffets, this is P600 per week, so P2,400 per month = P80 per day!

Why not lower it from 4 times a month to 2 times a month instead?

That P600 per person buffet can feed you for only 3 hours.

But if you invest it for the future, it can feed you for a number of years because your money will work for you.

5. Gym memberships (that you don’t really use)

Most gym memberships allow you to have unlimited visits, but let’s take Fitness First’s membership fee as an example. It’s P2,995 per month = P99.80 per day.

It’s worth it if you actually go to the gym and work out Every. Single. Day.

But if you don’t, you’re just wasting your hard-earned money.

For example, you only work out twice a week = 8 days. So your membership fee of P2,995 monthly is translated to P374 per day!

Why don’t you consider getting an ala-carte option? This means that you’re just going to pay everytime you go there.

Want to work out at home? Youtube channel Blogilates is my favorite. It’s also free!

It’s been said, You don’t buy life insurance because you are going to die, but because those you love are going to live.

You can’t protect your family just by reading about VULs.

Until you actually sign the proposal and invest your initial investment, you’re not yet covered! Your family isn’t going to benefit from your VUL. And a part of your money isn’t invested yet.

Thinking doesn’t protect your family, acting does!


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