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5 Cs to Consider in Choosing Your Investment/Insurance Company

One of the most common emails I get is an email asking how to choose an investment or insurance company. I’m ecstatic when I receive these emails – this means that you guys are finally enlightened so you’re taking the next step by choosing where to invest, right? Great! 

To get rid off any bias, I won’t automatically tell you to choose Sun Life Financial, even though I am affiliated with it. 

You’re a smart, independent and good-looking 20-something, remember? Instead, I’ll let you decide on your own! 

5 Cs to Consider in Choosing Your Investment/Insurance Company
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Here are the 5 Cs that you need to consider – remember them while you’re contemplating which investment or insurance company to choose! 

1. Credibility 

How long has the company been in operation? 
Granted, length of operation does not completely guarantee the company’s performance, but it’s a good indicator. After all, if the company was able to be in operation for 100+ years or so, that means that they might be doing something right.

Do you know about the company’s financial solvency? 
Does the company’s assets exceed its liabilities? 
Is the company able to meet its long-term financial obligations? 
In short, is the company doing okay in terms of its finances, or is it heading towards bankruptcy? 

What do you know about the company’s image? 
In choosing your own investment or insurance company, you need to do your homework, too. Were there any scandals implicating the company or any of its people before? 

2. Competency

In terms of performance, is the company included in the top 10 ranking? Or is it always at the bottom? 

If the company of your choice isn’t even in the top 10, then you’re better off choosing another company. 

3. Consistency 

Okay, let’s say that the company’s in the top 10 – for now. Look at its past performance. Is the company regularly included in the rank, or is this year’s ranking just a fluke? 

Historical performance is not indicative of future returns, yes, but a slow and steady company is always better than a fast and aggressive one, especially if you’re looking at long-term. 

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4. Customer Service

Have a look inside the company’s main branch. Are the people there warm and hospitable? Are your needs addressed? Do you feel comfortable asking questions? Are you satisfied with the answers that you get? 

Remember, these are the people who you’re trusting your money with. Make sure that you’re compatible with them – you don’t want any headaches during your long-term professional relationship, right? 

5. Charges 

Every company would automatically tell you that they offer the lowest charges. Don’t take their word for it. 

Ask for proposals from the companies that you’re considering and compare the charges. The less charges there are, the more money there will be to be invested. 

Make sure you know what you’re getting into before signing that application form! 

Most investment and insurance companies have the universal aim of helping you get a better and brighter future for yourself and your family. 

In the end, though, the decision is up to you. 

Fired up to manage your money yet? Contact your trusted financial advisor (or me! 🙂 to help you get started. 

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